The "Who's in Control?" Show

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The "Who's in Control?" Show title screen
The "Who's in Control?" Show title screen

The "Who's in Control?" Show is a Party Mode minigame in WarioWare: Move It! Along with Go the Distance, this minigame is labeled "For Experts". It is also the only minigame that can only be played with four players due to the team nature of the game.


Players are divided into teams of two. Each round, one team is the playing team while the other team is the guessing team. Before each round begins, the playing team is informed which player is in control that round, while the other teammate attempts to mimic their teammate as best as they can. The team must complete four microgames to move to the next part. Losing a microgame has no penalty other than delaying time. After the playing team finishes, the guessing team determines which player was in control. If they are correct, they get one point, otherwise they get nothing.

Once the guessing period is over, both teams change roles. The process continues until two rounds for each team are played, and the team with the most points is the winner. If there is a tie at the end of the second round, gameplay continues until one team has more points than the other at the end of a round. In the event that the first team gets two points from guessing correctly in both rounds and the second team has none from guessing incorrectly the first round, the game ends before they can complete their second round because they are mathematically unable to catch up.


A pair of teams is chosen at random before the game begins.

Left Team Right Team
Good Team Nice Team
Nostril Team Earhole Team
Dessert Spoon Team Salad Fork Team
Arf Team Meow Team
Fabulous Team Marvelous Team
Hooray Team Hurrah Team
Lettuce Team Cabbage Team


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どっちがプレイしてるでSHOWショウ
Dotchi Ga Purei Shi Terude Shō
Which one is playing the SHOW?

Chinese (traditional) 猜猜誰在 SHOW?
Cāi cāi shuí zài SHOW?
Guess who's on the SHOW?

Korean 진짜를 찾아라 SHOW
Jinjjaleul chaj-ala SHOW
Find the real SHOW