Copycat Mirror

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Title screen for Copycat Mirror
Copycat Mirror title screen

Copycat Mirror is a game mode in WarioWare: Move It!. It is a two-player mode that involves a player playing microgames without looking at the screen by mimicking their partner. The mode is accessible by completing Story mode.


The players are represented by Red and Ashley. Red holds the Joy-Con controllers and faces away from the screen, and Ashley faces the screen without controllers. Ashley must perform microgame actions for Red to copy in a mirror image, and both players must survive until their four lives are lost. Unique to this mode, the Forms and microgame commands are not narrated, encouraging communication between the players.

The mode starts at level 1, increases to level 2 after 9 rounds, and to level 3 after 18 rounds. After 27 rounds, the speed constantly increases. The intermission stage consists of a haunted forest. The center of the stage shows a golden mirror adorned with a skull and skeleton arms on an island, with Red inside the mirror holding the Form Stones. Ashley is in the foreground, staring at the mirror. The score indicator is a red number on a branch. The number of lives are represented by wisps. A swarm of bats carries a parchment showing the Form. If the players win, Red and the mirror celebrate, Ashley stares at the player in approval, and the forest lights up. If the players lose, the mirror falls and Red is shown disappointed, Ashley stares at the player with disgust, the forest darkens, and a wisp fades away. When the players lose all their lives, Ashley sighs.

In-game description[edit]

"Hi there! The name's Red. I've got a two-player minigame for you called Copycat Mirror! Here's the deal—whoever has the Form Stones can't look at the screen. Instead, they gotta copy the actions of the person watching the screen. This game's so fun even my best friend, Ashley, likes it! Grab YOUR best friend and get to it!"



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まねしてミラー
Mane shite mirā
Imitation mirror

Korean 데칼코마니 미러
Dekalkomani mireo
Decalcomania mirror