Caresaway Island

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Caresaway Island
The entrance to Caresaway Island
“With its rich history and exotic wildlife, Caresaway Island is the ideal vacation spot! This luxury resort is full of fun activities for guests of all ages!”
Caresaway Island advertisement, WarioWare: Move It!

Caresaway Island is a major location and the main setting of WarioWare: Move It!. It is a tropical resort with multiple activities and amenities, and a vast history of the Form Stones. In the game's opening, Wario notices a burger vendor in Diamond City and orders a large amount of burgers, granting him many chances to draw a lottery where he gets the winning ticket: a voucher for a free vacation to Caresaway Island with nineteen of his friends, much to his dismay. His employees overhear his victory and they all set off to the island via a yacht. The name "Caresaway" is likely a portmanteau of "care" and "castaway", or derived from the phrase "put your cares away".



  • Scuba diving
  • Bus tour
  • Surfing
  • Caresaway Grand Prix

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バリオモロ島
Bariomoro Tō
Likely from「バリおもろい」(bari-omoroi, "very interesting" in the Kansai dialect), combined with「島」(-tō, island)
Chinese (Simplified) 贝利尤易斯岛
Bèilì Yóuyìsī Dǎo
Caresaway Island
Chinese (Traditional) 貝利尤易斯島
Bèilì Yóuyìsī Dǎo
Caresaway Island
Dutch Relaxië From "relaxen" (to relax) with the country name suffix "-ië"
French Île Funagogo From "île" (island) and "fun à gogo" (fun galore)
German Pati-Pati-Insel Pati-Pati Island; "Pati" is possibly a deformation of "Party"
Italian Isola Solospasso From "solo spasso" (just fun) and "isola" (island)
Korean 빅재미섬
Bigjaemi Seom
Big-fun Island
Spanish (NOA) Isla Bullanga Fuss Island
Spanish (NOE) Isla Solaz From "solazar" (to entertain) and "isla" (island)