Milky Way Delirium

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A screenshot of Milky Way Delirium
“Hey, how ya doin'? Dribble's the name. The wide universe is the stage for my game! Someday, I'll get there myself, me and my buddy Spitz and our trusty cab!”
Dribble, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!

Milky Way Delirium is Dribble & Spitz's multiplayer mode in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!. It is based on the board game Othello.

In-game description[edit]

Hey! Dribble here! In dis here game, ya gotta blast apart 25 asteroids!

First, choose the asteroid you wants to blast. The first shot is free, but you gotta knock the number on the asteroid down to zero to destroy it. If you wanna keep shootin', ya gotta keep beatin' games.

Once you knock the number on the asteroid down to zero, you get to put a token in that spot, and it becomes yours. If you sandwich any of yer opponent's tokens between your tokens, you get to take all those tokens, too.

But there are rules about which asteroids you can choose. You can only target an asteroid that will let you sandwich some of your opponent's tokens.

If there aren't any tokens you can surround, then you can choose any spot where there isn't already a token. The ones you can choose will light up, so you'll know which asteroids you can blast. The center spot starts out as a star, and you don't get to choose that one.

Oh, and when there are only five asteroids left, a microgame survival match begins, and the winner gets poaching rights, meaning the winner chooses one of thee loser's spaces to swipe.

Once all the asteroids are gone, the player with the most asteroids must take the ultimate challenge. Win, and you win the game. Lose, and you lose the game. So don't lose! Got it?


In this game, the players have a square of asteroids with numbers on them. The number corresponds to the number of microgames that must be played in order to claim the asteroid. Complete the required number of microgames, and the asteroid is marked as belonging to the player that completed the games. If a player claims an asteroid that is in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line ending with another one of the player's asteroids, every asteroid in that line falls under possession of the player as well. When all of the asteroids have been claimed, the player with the most asteroids needs to face the microgame of a giant robot, any asteroids that had not been claimed remain as an obstruction. If they lose, they get crushed and all other players win.


On June 23 2009, the U.S Copyright Office approved a patent application by Nintendo for an electronic, minigame-based implementation of Othello, whose description is very similar to Milky Way Delirium[1]. Goro Abe, Kyoko Watanabe and Ryutaro Takahashi (all credited as designers on Mega Party Game$) are listed as the inventors.


  • The short tune that plays before starting a microgame is a remix of part of the Famicom Disk System startup tune.
  • Contrary to the in-game description, when playing with more than two players, the microgame survival match begins when there are seven asteroids remaining.