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VS Dong Dong gameplay
Mona's bar pushing a yellow block to Dribble's side in VS Dong Dong
VS Dong Dong title
The title screen

VS Dong Dong (also just known as Dong Dong) is one of the four two-player minigames in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! that requires the players to use the L Button and R Button button. It will be unlocked after beating one of the three stages of Orbulon, Dr. Crygor, and Kat & Ana.

The characters in the game are Mona (player 1, L Button button) on the left and Dribble (player 2, R Button button) on the right. Each player has their own side, they are separated by a gray column in the center with three yellow blocks. Both characters come with an up and down moving bar, which is either red (Mona) or blue (Dribble).

By pressing the L Button or R Button button, the respective bar moves to the center. If it is in line with one of the yellow blocks at the moment the player presses the button, the bar pushes the block a bit forward to the side of the opponent. Either way, the bar will turn back and continue moving up and down afterwards. When a block has been fully pushed to the other player's side, which requires at least three pushes, it will fall down and squash the opponent's character. A player has the chance to undo the other one's push by pushing the block again with his or her bar. Furthermore, sometimes the speed suddenly increases or slows down. For squashing the opponent, a player earns a star.

After a player has earned three stars, they win and the game is over.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 推石头[1]
Tuī Shítou
Push the Rock


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