Sheriff (minigame)

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Sheriff is a bonus minigame from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!. It is based on the old arcade game Sheriff, but in this version, the main character has been changed to resemble Wario, much like in Dr. Wario. The game opens with the original sheriff walking across the screen before he is quickly chased off by Wario (on an identical horse). Wario then proceeds to resume the original opening's slow trot until the player starts the game.

Aside from the substitution of Wario for the sheriff and being in white color (except for Wario's pink nose) the gameplay is just like in the original: the player moves around in a square rectangular area with enemies circling around. The goal is to shoot the enemies while avoiding their shots. Sometimes, an enemy will leave the outside area and enter the player's area. The level repeats over and over each time until all of the enemies are defeated. This game was also included as a seconds-long microgame simply titled Sheriff.