Diamond City Broadcasting

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Diamond City Broadcasting
Greater location Diamond City
First appearance WarioWare: Twisted! (2004)

Diamond City Broadcasting is a location in WarioWare: Twisted!, a broadcasting station located just southeast of Wario's House, surrounded by the apartments of Diamond City. Though it is not the main setting for Wario-Man's story, it does appear at the beginning of the cutscene.

The broadcasting station appears as a tall structure of red and cyan with an antennae and the initials displayed. During the later events of the game, following 9-Volt's story, the station is shown having a breaking news announcement for the Diamond City Broadcasting System. While live on the air, Ken the Reporter announces their top story of the evening, the outstanding sales of Wario's latest game, which has apparently surpassed all sales records. The setting then cuts to Dr. Crygor's Lab for a majority of the remainder of the scene.

Due to its close proximity to Club Sugar, Diamond City Broadcasting may be spotted during the openings for certain other stories at nearby locations, including Wario's, Jimmy T.'s, Dr. Crygor's, and 9-Volt's, as well as WarioWatch.