Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge

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Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge
Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge from Mario Party: Island Tour
Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Type Boss minigame
Music track Battle with Chain Chomp
Chain Chomp is mad!

Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge (known as Chain Chomp Showdown in the British English version) is a Boss Minigame in Mario Party: Island Tour. It is played and unlocked on the 10th floor of Bowser's Tower.


A Chain Chomp comes out of a cave and then proceeds to jump onto the one of the main platforms gauze sections, allowing lava to come through and burn Chain Chomp, revealing its weakness.


To defeat Chain Chomp, the player must avoid Chain Chomp's first attack, which is a simple lunge for the player. After two or three lunge attempts, the Chain Chomp will then jump to where the player was last standing. If the player stood over a gauze section, the Chain Chomp will burn itself and receive damage. When Chain Chomp is at half health, each time it hits one of the gauze sections, the other three will be engulfed in lava for a few seconds, which will damage the player if they touch them. Upon defeat, Chain Chomp becomes unconscious and disappears.


  • Circle Pad/+Control Pad Move

In-game text[edit]

  • RulesAmerican English Taunt the Chain Chomp into jumping on the metal grates to damage it with lava.
  • RulesBritish English Lure the Chain Chomp onto the metal grates when it attacks to damage it with lava.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンワンのようがんバトル
Wanwan no yōgan batoru
Chain Chomp's Lava Battle
Dutch Chain Chomp-barbecue -
French (NOA) La charge du Boulouf
French (NOE) La charge du Chomp Chomp's Charge
German Heißer Kettenhund Hot Chain Chomp
Italian Categnaccio alla griglia Chain Chomp barbecue
Portuguese Duelo na Lava Lava Duel
Spanish La furia de Chomp Cadenas Chain Chomp's Fury