Sky'd and Seek

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Sky'd and Seek
Sky'd and Seek
Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Type General minigame
Music track Can You Make It?

Sky'd and Seek is a General minigame in Mario Party: Island Tour. Its name is a pun on the game Hide and Seek.


The intro leads to a question on the cloud that says, "How many enemies of each type remain in the cloud?" Then a Koopa Paratroopa and a Paragoomba enter and exit the cloud, causing the minigame to begin.


Throughout most of the gameplay, the player must keep track of how many Koopa Paratroopas and Paragoombas enter and exit the cloud, while taking notes with the stylus. When the time limit is up, the player must determine how many of each enemy remain by selecting a number, which can only go up to five. Players only get points if they get the numbers completely correct, otherwise, they get no points.


  • Stylus – Take notes
  • +Control Pad left or right – Select which enemy to input numbers in
  • +Control Pad up or down – Select the numbers of enemies
  • A Button – Confirm numbers

In-game text[edit]

  • RulesAmerican English "Keep track of how many enemies remain in the cloud using your stylus."
  • RulesBritish English "Paratroopas and Paragoombas fly into and out of a cloud. Keep track of how many of each are left in the cloud at the end."

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メモして数えて
Memo shite kazoete
Note and Count

Dutch Wolkbevolking
Cloud Population
French Mnémonimbus
A portmanteau of Nimbus and Mnémonic (Mnemonic)
German Verschleierwolke
Clouded Cloud
Italian Memonembo
Nimbus Memory
Portuguese Nuvem Mnemónica
Mnemonic Cloud
Spanish Memoria nublada
Cloudy Memory