Hide 'n' Splat

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Hide 'n' Splat
Hide 'n' Splat in Mario Party: Island Tour
Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Type General minigame
Time limit 60 seconds
Music track Danger closing in...

Hide 'n' Splat (Tox Box Shocks in the British English version) is a General minigame from Mario Party: Island Tour. The American name is based on the popular game "hide and seek".


A blue Toad and yellow Toad are seen in the middle of the arena with two Tox Boxes behind them. Yellow Toad gets squished, and floats away while Blue Toad cheers. The camera fades to the four players, and the minigame begins.


The four players must avoid being squished by the Tox Boxes, and as the minigame advances, more Tox Boxes appear and speed up their stomping rate. The player who doesn't get squished wins. If time runs out, the players left standing win. The game can end without a loser.


  • Circle Pad – Move

In-game text[edit]

  • RulesAmerican English "Avoid being squished by the Tox Boxes for as long as possible."
  • RulesBritish English "Try to last as long as possible without being crushed by the Tox Boxes."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オニマスドンからにげろ!
Onimasudon kara nigero!
Run Away from the Tox Boxes!

Dutch Tox Box-tikkertje
Tox Box Tag
French (NOA) Panique Cubrik
Tox Box Panic
French (NOE) Temple de Blotoc
Tox Box's Temple
German Tox-Box-Trampelei
Tox Box Trample
Italian Occhio ai Don Box
Eye on the Don Boxes
Portuguese Pernas Para que Vos Quero!
"Legs, what I want you for!" A phrase for need of running fast.
Spanish (NOA) Don Cajuelo al suelo
Tox Box to the Ground
Spanish (NOE) Terror Cajuelo
Tox Box Terror