Rope a Slope

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Not to be confused with Rope a Dope.
Rope a Slope
Rope a Slope
Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Type General minigame
Time limit No time limit
Music track It's an Adventure

Rope a Slope (known as Abseiling Antics in the British English version) is a General minigame found in Mario Party: Island Tour. The name is a pun on the boxing technique "rope-a-dope", which is also the name of an 8-player minigame in Mario Party 7.


The four players are running down the side of a cliff, and they jump over a small tree in the side. The minigame then begins.


The players race down the wall to the bottom of the ground avoiding obstacles along the way. If the player hits an obstacle, they will be held up for a moment before they can continue on. The player that reaches the bottom first wins.


  • A Button - Jump

In-game text[edit]

  • RulesAmerican English "Jump over the trees to rappel down the cliff as quickly as possible."
  • RulesBritish English "Abseil down the cliff while avoiding bushes by jumping over them."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese がけくだりレース
Gake kudari rēsu
Cliff Descent Race
Dutch Abseilavontuur Abseil Adventure
French (NOA) Périlleux rappel -
French (NOE) Les fadas de la falaise Cliff Crackpots
German Abseilrennen Abseiling Race
Italian Cordata a ostacoli Obstacle climbers
Korean 절벽 하강 레이스
jeolbyeog hagang leiseu
Cliff Descent Race
Portuguese Descida da Montanha Mountain Descent
Russian Скоростной спуск
Skorostnoy spusk
Speedy descent
Spanish ¡Colgados! Hanging Out!