Slave Basa

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Slave Basa
A group of Slave Basa protecting Count Fang.
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)
Variant of Fang

Slave Basa[1] are purple variants of Fangs that appeared in Yoshi's New Island, summoned by Count Fang. They do not directly attack Yoshi, but they circle Count Fang, protecting him, and they damage Yoshi on contact. As with any Fang, they can be defeated with any attack. After Count Fang is hit once, he will summon four Slave Basa, and after the second hit, he will summon six more.


  • The name Slave Basa is based off of Swoop's Japanese name, Basabasa, instead of Fang's Japanese name, Pasapasa. Internally, the same applies to Fangs[2] and Count Fang[3] in Yoshi's New Island.


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