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The menu for Mini Battles on the Level Selection screen

A Mini Battle,[1] also referred to as a Mini Battle Game[2] or Mini-Battle[3] (alternatively mini-battle[4] or Minibattle[5]), is a battle with a Bandit in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and its remake, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. A Yoshi will fight a Bandit in one of four battles: Throwing Balloons, Popping Balloons, Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest, or Gather Coins. Mini Battles are fought in certain levels after a Yoshi gets a key to the Bonus Game shack. Later, they can be played on the Level Selection screen.

In Sluggy The Unshaven's Fort, if the player goes to the left door and defeats the Chain Chomp inside it, they will find a secret door. A Message Block in this room will say the following:

This is Top Secret so LISTEN UP! On the Level Selection screen, hold Select Button and press X Button, X Button, Y Button, B Button and A Button!! (This code is changed to L Button, L Button, B Button, A Button and R Button in Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3.)

If the player does so, a screen will pop up, listing all the Mini Battles, along with a two-player version of Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest and a four-button Throwing Balloons mode. In single-player mode, Throwing Balloons can be played in either four-button mode or the harder six-button mode.

In Super Mario Advance 3, the two-player Mini Battles were removed, and a five-button version of Throwing Balloons was included instead.

In Yoshi's New Island, the minigame Ground-Pound Pop is based on the Mini Battle Popping Balloons.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニバトルゲーム[6]
Mini Batoru Gēmu
Mini Battle Game
French Mini-Combat Mini-Battle
German Mini-Spiele Mini-Game
Italian Mini gara Mini challenge
Spanish Mini batalla Mini battle


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