Wario's Carnival

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Mario and Toad about to enter the Carnival

Wario's Carnival is a location in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. Mario (or Luigi) and Toad must go here to get the third Music Key. The entrance is blocked by two Hammer Bros.

After Mario defeats them, he is able to get into the park where he finds Wario running with the Music Key. Wario rides on a roller coaster, and Mario follows him. Wario then retreats into a Ghost House filled with Boos. After Mario and Toad escape the Ghost House, they continue following Wario. Then, a Chain-Chomp chases Mario.

After Mario and Toad escape the Chain-Chomp, they finally catch Wario. Wario then attempts a dance-off against Mario and loses.



Title (English) Stage Game Original Music Original Composer Japanese Name
Hammer Dance 3-1 Super Mario Bros. 3 Hammer Bro Theme Koji Kondo クエ・テ・バヤ・マリオ (Kue Te Baya Mario)
Rollercoasting 3-2 Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Mario/Luigi/Yoshi Circuit Theme Shinobu Tanaka スーパーマシーン (Sūpā Mashīn)
Boo Boogie* 3-3 Super Mario Bros. 2 Main Theme Koji Kondo ほっぴンちょっぴン (Hoppin Choppin)
Moustache, Barrel, and Gorilla 3-3EX Donkey Kong Various Shigeru Miyamoto ヒゲとタルとゴリラ (Hige to Taru to Gorira)
Starring Wario! 3-4 Wario World Greenhorn Forest Minako Hamano オレ様がスターだ! (Ore-sama ga Sutā da!)