Sheepy Shop

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Sheepy Shop
Bear greets Dixie Kong upon entering the Sheepy Shop in Donkey Kong Land III.
Greater location Northern Kremisphere
Inhabitants Bear
First appearance Donkey Kong Land III (1997)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong (2000)

The Sheepy Shop is a store operated by Bear in Donkey Kong Land III. It is a multi-purpose location, as it fills in for Funky's and Cranky's roles in the first two games of the Donkey Kong Country series. The store acts somewhat of a successor to Bazaar's General Store in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. The Sheepy Shop appears in every world, including the Lost World.


Memory is the first option in Sheepy Shop.
  • Memory: The first offer that Bear makes is to play a generic card-flipping game, Memory. In each world, Dixie or Kiddy are allowed to play it for free on their first attempt, but are subsequently charged five Bear Coins for later attempts. After the game's timer runs out, Bear rewards prizes to the Kongs based on their performance, inlcuding Banana Bunches, Extra Life Balloons, Bear Coins, and a DK Coin; only one DK Coin is handed out per location. Additionally, if every card is flipped over before the time runs out, the Kongs also receive a Stop Watch. Like the DK Coin, only one Stop Watch is handed out in each location.
  • Hint: For two Bear Coins, Bear provides advice to Dixie and Kiddy on a level of the current world.
  • Teleport: Starting in Primate Plains, Bear charges five Bear Coins for the Kongs to take a "test-drive" in his teleporter. Similar to Funky's Flights, this sends the Kongs to the main world map, where they can select from previously visited worlds.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クマさんのお店 Bear Shop