Ice Castle

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DK: King of Swing level
Ice Castle
Location Ice World
Neighboring levels Cold Cold Forest
Raging Ravine
Underwater Ruins

Ice Castle is a level in the Ice World area of DK: King of Swing. It is one of the four levels that must be completed to access the world's boss level, Sassy Squatch's Lair.

This level, as its name suggests, takes place around an icy castle. Most of the peg boards in this level are covered in ice and therefore cause Donkey Kong (or Diddy Kong in Diddy mode) to slip. Other obstacles in this level include crates, spikes, switches, a wheel that can be turned to move along a bar, tires, Booster Barrels, rocks, and barrels. Many Kritters also get in the Kong's way as he progresses, and some of them can throw rocks as weapons. Purple aurora lights appear in the sky background. As for most levels, both a Crystal Coconut (found in a Bonus Level) and a gold medal are located here.


Donkey Kong approaches the gold medal

At the beginning of the level, the Kong can find several icy peg boards above him. If he climbs the boards, many of which have bananas on them, he can find three crates in his way. A pathway of four small peg boards is above that leads to the top of a small wall. An area of ground with spikes along it is connected to the side of the wall and a crate stands on it. The primate can break the crate by charging his attack on the two pegs rotating above it to reveal a switch that he can pull down with two hands. When the switch is pulled, three small peg boards appear nearby to be used to climb upwards to another platform with a long, yellow bar above it. A wheel is on one end of this bar, and a tire is on the other. The Kong must rotate the wheel to be pulled under an icy peg board that he can use to reach a ledge that leads into the second area. A Bonus Barrel floats above this peg board in Donkey Kong mode, leading to a Bonus Level where the ape must collect many bananas along many icy peg boards within the time limit to make a Crystal Coconut appear on a platform at the end of the bonus.

In the second section of the level, a Banana Bunch can be seen standing on a platform. A pathway of pegs that leads over a wide abyss is ahead. Many rocks wait around the pegs to be used to attack Kritters, who swing along some of the pegs. Each of the Kritters in this area use the rocks against the primate as well. If the hero throws a rock in the air at the beginning of the section, he can hit a barrel that makes peg boards appear; they can help him reach icy peg boards that can aid him in reaching a Booster Barrel that is able to fly him to many bananas. Pillars with spikes on them are in the lower part of the section, with three Kritters around them. Once the primate passes all of the foes and reaches the solid platform at the end of the area, he can enter the third and final section of the level.

Here, there is a section of icy peg boards that leads towards a straight path of additional icy peg boards, which are lined with bananas. There is a set of two peg boards to the left of the top peg board in this path, while there is a lone board above it. Each of the three peg boards have a Kritter on them, with the exception of the second peg board to the left, which has four bananas on it. Using the lone peg board above, the hero can reach some small, ice-covered peg boards that he can use to progress. A ledge is near these peg boards with a Banana Bunch on it. Tires are also scattered around the area. After the primate climbs several peg boards, he reaches a ledge with an exit sign on it. If he lands by the sign, the level is completed. He can also optionally break the barrel placed over the final peg board to make a new peg board appear. This can help him climb to a ledge with the gold medal on it.


Bonus Level[edit]

  • Found above the exit of the first area. In the stage, Donkey Kong has thirty seconds to gather the bananas in the area. They are strung across icy peg boards which shape a diagonal "8". Donkey Kong must take advantage of his ability to slide to get them all.