Tropical Treetops (DK: King of Swing)

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Tropical Treetops
Tropical Treetops
World Jungle World
Game DK: King of Swing
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Tropical Treetops is a level of the Jungle World that takes place within the treetops in DK: King of Swing. It and Contraption Cave are both unlocked after completing the first level, Banana Bungalow, making Tropical Treetops either the second or third level. It is a simple level and the first to have moving pegs and floating tires.


Donkey Kong holding on to pegs arranged as a circle in Tropical Treetops of DK: King of Swing
Donkey Kong holds on pegs arranged in a circle shape in the second section

The level starts on the floor of a jungle and works its way up to the canopy. At the start, Donkey Kong can jump upwards to climb on a set of pegs and Peg Boards. The first set of peg boards are placed around the area to shape out a square with a lone banana in it. A Flitter flies around the top peg boards here. The pegs above this area come in several different sizes and are placed close together. A Flitter moves around them. The pegs help the ape reach a single peg board at the top of the first section of the level with a banana on it. To the right of this platform is the platform leading to the second section.

In the second section is a group of pegs placed behind a Flitter. Some of the pegs revolve around some stationary pegs in a circular pattern. Around the rotating objects are bananas and two pairs of tires placed on the left and right side of the section. On a platform at the top of the section is a Bonus Barrel, while on a platform to the right of it is the way into the third section of the level.

The third and final section of the level features peg boards ranging from large to small and single pegs and more Flitters than the previous two sections. Some of the peg boards move either vertically or horizontally. In the middle of the section above two of these moving peg boards is another Flitter. A tire appears each on the left and right side of the enemy. Farther above in the level are some barrels containing bananas and big peg boards that move up and down at a slow speed. There are three Flitters flying around them. To the left and right of these peg boards are tires that the Kong can bounce on, while above them are two more moving peg boards. These boards are followed by three more pegs and a stationary Peg Board, which appears right next to the exit.

Key items[edit]

Tropical Treetops
The location of the bronze medal

Bonus Level[edit]

The Bonus Level can be entered from a Bonus Barrel appearing to the left of the exit in the second section. In the Bonus Level, Donkey Kong must climb across two sets of Peg Boards and collect all 19 bananas within 25 seconds. After doing so, a Crystal Coconut appears for Donkey Kong to collect within the remaining time.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディープジャングル
Dīpu janguru
Deep Jungle

German Tropen-Tralala
Italian Cime tropicali
Tropical heights; same as Tropical Treetops
Spanish Cumbres tropicales
Tropical Summits