Color Capture

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Color Capture
Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, and Wrinkly Kong participating in a match of Color Capture

Color Capture is an event in the Jungle Jam in DK: King of Swing. Color Capture is set inside of a pyramid, similar to the level Puzzling Pyramid. The objective of the event is to climb the most peg boards within the time limit of forty seconds. When a player climbs on a peg board, it turns into a certain color corresponding to that player. However, if an opponent later covers the same peg board, it changes color corresponding to the opponent. A player can reclaim the peg board as many times as they need as long as it is within the time limit. Each peg board is worth one point. Once time is up, the player with the most points will win the Color Capture event. After the game is over, the player will be shown a screen which displays all previous records. If the winning player's score is within the top four of their previous records, it will get recorded.

The player number corresponds to the color. Player one's color is red, player two's color is light blue, player three's color is yellow, and player four's color is green.


Move character - L Button and R Button

In-game description[edit]

Change the panels to your color! Don't let your foes box you in.