Cold Cold Forest

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Cold Cold Forest
Cold Cold Forest
World Ice World
Game DK: King of Swing
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Cold Cold Forest is a level of the Ice World in DK: King of Swing. It is one of the two levels in the world to be available from the start, the other being Raging Ravine. Cold Cold Forest takes place in a snowy area with numerous Mini-Neckys, who are the only enemies in the level. Donkey Kong must use Barrel Cannons and Rolling Barrels to progress in the level. There are numerous tires in the level, and instead of using them, Donkey Kong must avoid the tires because they bounce him backward or off-track.


The level begins with a pathway of pegs leading up to the top of the area. The pegs are scattered all around the area, with a few rocks around them. The rocks can be used against the many Mini-Neckys around the area, who shoot eggs across the screen or simply fly around. The Mini-Neckys attack the whole way up the section, until Donkey Kong reaches a platform at the top leading to the second section.

Cold Cold Forest
Donkey Kong standing under a Rolling Barrel at the start of the section

The second section has a Rolling Barrel with a trail of bananas near it. The banana trail leads between two tires, with the bottom tire on a tall pillar-like structure. Three Peg Boards are on the other side of the tires, and below them is a Mini-Necky and another Rolling Barrel that can shoot the Kong upwards back towards the pegs if he falls. A second pillar holds another tire ahead. Two bananas and a Mini-Necky are above it, so the banana trail must be followed to jump between the tire and the Mini-Necky. A pair of peg boards wait on the other side of this tire, with another Mini-Necky and a third Rolling Barrel below them. With this Rolling Barrel, Donkey Kong can destroy a Question Barrel next to the third and fourth tires, causing some Peg Boards to appear on the other side of the fourth tire and the pillar it is standing on. Bananas, a Banana Bunch, and a Mini-Necky are above the two tires. The newly-discovered Peg Board can be used to climb up to a ledge with a barrel containing the silver medal. The ledge below leads to the third and final section, and a Rolling Barrel and a Peg Board are beneath that ledge.

The third section consists of many individual pegs with tires placed around them. Donkey Kong must avoid the tires otherwise he gets bounced off course or even backward. There are a few small walls on the ground, with two Mini-Neckys next to the walls. Donkey Kong can defeat them for a Banana Bunch. Once he maneuvers around all the tires, Donkey Kong comes up to a line of peg boards. A Barrel Cannon is below the center peg board, while many others are placed above the peg boards. Donkey Kong must avoid the Barrel Cannons or else he is blasted back into the first Barrel Cannon. A group of one to three pegs is placed between each Barrel Cannon above the line of peg boards, and they must be used to climb. However, Mini-Neckys hinder the Kong's progress on the way up. A few pegs and a peg board are also placed above the last few Barrel Cannons, which can help the primate reach a platform with a Bonus Barrel on it. Two Peg Boards can be used to reach a ledge with an exit sign on it. When the sign is landed next to, the level is complete.

Key items[edit]

  • Crystal Coconut: Rewarded for completing the Bonus Level
  • Silver medal: Inside of a barrel above a platform, which itself is directly above the path to the third and final section.

Bonus Level[edit]

The Bonus Barrel is to the left of the level exit. In the Bonus Level, Donkey Kong has forty seconds to collect all the bananas by blasting out of Rolling Barrels. There are some tires located around the Bonus Level. After collecting every banana, the Crystal Coconut appears at the top-right corner of the level. Donkey Kong can use the top-left Rolling Barrel to reach the exit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さむさむじゅりん
Samu Samu Jurin
Cold Cold Forest

Italian Foresta polare
Polar forest