Cold Cold Forest

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DK: King of Swing level
Cold Cold Forest
Location Ice World
Neighboring levels Raging Ravine
Ice Castle
Underwater Ruins

Cold Cold Forest is a level in an Ice World area of DK: King of Swing. It is one of the four levels that must be completed to access the world's boss level, Sassy Squatch's Lair.

This stage is set in a snowy area that is inhabited by many Mini-Necky foes that shoot eggs at Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong. Obstacles that appear in this level other than these enemies are Barrel Cannons, Rotatable Barrels, tires, barrels, and rocks that can be thrown at enemies or objects. Throughout much of the level, the tires serve as unhelpful obstacles that can bounce the Kong away from his destination or throw him into an enemy. As most levels, a Crystal Coconut (found in a Bonus Level) and a silver medal appear here.


The level begins with a pathway of pegs leading up to the top of the area. The pegs are scattered all around the area, with a few rocks around them. The rocks can be used against the many Neckies around the area, who shoot eggs across the screen or simply fly around. The bird enemies attack the whole way up the section, until the hero reaches a platform at to top of the area that leads into the second section of the level.

Here, a Rotatable Barrel with a trail of bananas near it is present. The banana trail leads between two tires, with the bottom tire on a tall pillar-like structure. A trio of peg boards are on the other side of the tires, and below them is a Mini-Necky and another Rotatable Barrel that can shoot the Kong upwards back towards the pegs if he falls. A second pillar holds another tire ahead. Two bananas and a Mini-Necky are above it, so the banana trail must be followed to jump between the tire and the Mini-Necky. A pair of peg boards wait on the other side of this tire, with another Mini-Necky and a third Rotatable Barrel below them. The Rotatable Barrel can be used to destroy a nearby barrel next to the third and fourth tire in the area. When it is crushed, some peg boards appear on the other side of the fourth tire and the pillar that it stands on. Bananas, a Banana Bunch, and a Mini-Necky are above the two tires. The newly-discovered peg board can be used to climb up to a ledge with a barrel that contains a medal above it. Another ledge is below this that leads into the third area, while a Rotatable Barrel and a peg board are placed under that.

Donkey Kong climbs around some Barrel Cannons

The third area of the level consists of many pegs at its beginning. Tires are placed all around the pegs, getting in the Kong's way. Small walls are also located on the ground part of the section, with two Neckies next to the walls. Once the hero maneuvers around all the tires, he comes up to a line of peg boards. A Barrel Cannon is below the center peg board, while many others are placed above the peg boards. These Barrel Cannons blast the Kong into the first Barrel Cannon in the area if entered, so he must avoid them in order to progress. A group of one to three pegs is placed between each Barrel Cannon above the line of peg boards, and they must be used to climb. However, Neckies hinder the Kong's progress on the way up. A few pegs and a peg board are also placed above the last few Barrel Cannons, which can help the primate reach a platform with a Bonus Barrel on it. This barrel leads to a Bonus Level, where the hero must use Rotatable Barrels to collect many bananas within the time limit. Tires are located around some parts of the bonus as well. Once all of the bananas are collected, a Crystal Coconut appears at the top of the section that must be collected within the remaining time. Once the Bonus Level is exited, he can find two peg boards above the previously mentioned pegs. They can be used to reach a ledge with an exit sign on it. When the sign is landed next to, the level is complete.


Bonus Level[edit]

  • Found west of the level's exit in the third area. In the stage, Donkey has forty seconds to get all of the bananas in the area. Rotatable barrels are provided to get them all. The Crystal Coconut will appear in the top right corner of the stage. DK can utilize the rotatable barrel in the top left corner to get to the exit.