Congazuma's Castle

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Congazuma's Castle
DK-KoS Congazuma.png
Level code 1 - BOSS
World Jungle World
Game DK: King of Swing
Boss Congazuma
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Congazuma's Castle is the boss level of Jungle World in DK: King of Swing. It is where Donkey Kong fights Congazuma.


The entire battle takes place on a grid of Peg Boards, while Congazuma slowly jumps across the arena back-and-forth. In order to damage Congazuma, Donkey Kong must charge into it at any angle. Whenever hit, Congazuma will enter a brief state of invulnerability where he will make short hops in the direction he is facing before losing his invulnerability. As Congazuma takes more and more damage, his invulnerable state will become shorter in duration, and his jumps while vulnerable will become higher and go a greater distance. When defeated, Congazuma will disassemble, granting Donkey Kong the first gold medal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴルコロッサ

German Kongazumas Kastell
Congazuma's Castle
Italian Castello di Congazuma
Congazuma's castle
Spanish Castillo de Congazuma
Congazuma's Castle