K. Kruizer III Artillery

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K. Kruizer III Artillery
Donkey Kong at the start of K. Kruizer III Artillery, on some blue Peg Boards next to some cannons in DK: King of Swing
World K. Kruizer III
Game DK: King of Swing
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K. Kruizer III Artillery is a level of the K. Kruizer III world in DK: King of Swing. It must be completed to unlock K. Kruizer III Hull.


As the ship's artillery, the K. Kruizer III Artillery features numerous cannons which shoot fireballs at Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong. The cannons have two color variants: the green ones fire in a specific direction while the red ones adjust their aim as Donkey Kong or Diddy move around the area. The cannons often appear close together, often causing the Kong to get stuck within crossfires. The level does not feature any enemies.

K. Kruizer III Artillery has a couple of Question Barrels. They must be destroyed by Donkey Kong or Diddy to reveal Peg Boards, allowing the Kong to progress. Although K. Kruizer III Artillery is a short level, having only two short segments, it still has a Crystal Coconut and a silver medal.


Donkey Kong moving between some cannons during the second half of K. Kruizer III Artillery in DK: King of Swing
Donkey Kong moving between cannons during the second half of the level

At the start, the Kong can find a set of four peg boards covered with bananas. Two cannons hang at the side of the area and shoot fireballs at the hero. If he destroys the barrel found above the peg boards, a pair of peg boards appears above it. Another barrel and some more peg boards wait above these boards. When the hero breaks the barrel, three peg boards appear between the two other sets of boards, allowing him to progress more easily and grab a large Banana Bunch. A cannon is positioned next to the Banana Bunch, and it shoots fireballs as it aims at the primate. Above, the Kong can find a long path of peg boards that stretches to the top of the area. Two barrels are on the way to the top peg board, both only containing Banana Bunches. Cannons turn and aim at the Kong all over the sides of the area on the way up as well. This section is entirely vertical, and the Kongs must get to the top to access the second section. Eventually, he can reach a ledge that leads into the second section of the level.

The second section is similar to the first one except with more horizontal orientation Here, two peg boards vertically stacked up on each other can be seen at the beginning of the cannon-infested area. A large Banana Bunch sits on the top of the two boards. Another pair of peg boards floats across from the top peg board here, forming a horizontal path. Around the fire-ball-shooting cannons, two green peg boards can be found after the fourth peg board in the area, moving back and fourth. A set of four more peg boards is located right after the second green peg board around more cannons, and it is covered in bananas. A barrel above it makes a few small peg boards appear above when destroyed; they can be used to reach a ledge with an exit sign on it. When this sign is landed near, the level is completed. Optionally, the Kong can also break a barrel parallel to the previous barrel that makes some small peg boards appear as well; they can help him reach a Barrel Cannon that can blast him into a barrel that holds a special item.


Item Location
Sprite of a Crystal Coconut from DK: King of Swing.
Crystal Coconut
At the start of the second section, Donkey Kong or Diddy must pass two green cannons and a red cannon. From the first moving green Peg Board, the Kong must drop below on to a small blue Peg Board, and then charge into the barrel, which has the Crystal Coconut.
Silver Medal
In the second section, after passing the two moving green Peg Boards, the Kong must charge into a Question Barrel located below the blue Peg Boards. This reveals three small Peg Boards that they can use to get across and enter into a Barrel Cannon, which blasts them into a barrel with the Silver Medal, just below the level exit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キングクルーザーⅢほうだい
Kingu Kurūzā Ⅲ Hōdai
K. Kruizer III Artillery
Italian Kannoni Korazzata K. III K. Kruizer III Kannons