Sassy Squatch

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Sassy Squatch
Artwork of Sassy Squatch from DK: King of Swing
Species Yeti
First appearance DK: King of Swing (2005)
Donkey Kong throwing a bomb at Sassy Squatch

Sassy Squatch is a massive, yeti-like monster and the fourth boss in the game DK: King of Swing. During the events of the game, he is assigned by King K. Rool to take over the Ice World. Its name is a pun on Sasquatch, a legendary North American monster also known as Bigfoot.

Sassy Squatch is found in the level Sassy Squatch's Lair, located in the Ice World. Due to the fact that Sassy Squatch is completely covered in an armor of ice, it is all but impenetrable to the player's attacks. In order to injure Sassy Squatch, the player has to throw bombs into its mouth while avoiding contact with Sassy Squatch as Sassy Squatch's very touch can freeze the player solid. However, this can take some skill, as the boss often closes its mouth and moves around the bottom of the area.

Each time Sassy Squatch is injured, it shoots out ice crystals that can hit the player. However, the crystals soon turn into pegs that they can climb upwards with. The pegs that it shoots throughout the level can be used to climb upwards to a different part of the level, where more bombs can be found. As these pegs, along with the many peg boards after them, are climbed, Sassy Squatch chases the player upwards, trying to attack them with its head. The player must climb to the top of the pegs to the next set of bombs before Sassy Squatch defeats them to be able to attack it again. As the battle progresses and Sassy Squatch takes more damage, its pace quickens and the enemy chases the player up to the top of the stage faster.

After Sassy Squatch is defeated, the player claims its golden medal. Along with other bosses in the game, if the player defeats Sassy Squatch again, they receive numerous bananas.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Sassy Squatch -