Necky's Canyon

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Necky's Canyon
Necky's Canyon
World Wild West World
Game DK: King of Swing
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Necky's Canyon is a level in the Wild West World of DK: King of Swing. Both it and Cactus Woods are available from the start. Necky's Canyon takes place in a canyon and is the first to feature a few objects: Cracked Pegs, rocks, barrels, breakable stone barriers, and a Booster Barrel. Mini-Neckys are the only enemy in Necky's Canyon, and Donkey Kong often has to throw rocks at them while progressing.


Donkey Kong starts in a small area with an orange peg and a rock on the left and right sides each. A wall of square-shaped stones are blocking the path to the second section, so Donkey Kong must swing from the peg above throw rocks at the stones clear a path forward. After doing so, Donkey Kong can continue to the second section.

The second section is a vertical area where Donkey Kong can climb up pegs and Peg Boards and throw rocks at Mini-Neckys to defeat them along the way. There are some bananas placed around the Peg Boards, such as on the first pair of Peg Boards to the right of the entrance. A rock is at the upper-left, next to the individual pegs above. Donkey Kong can throw a rock at each of the three Mini-Neckys to defeat them. Donkey Kong can climb two Peg Boards to the right and pick up another rock to defeat a Mini-Necky overhead. Three bananas are to the left of a large, orange Peg Board. Donkey Kong can must go up from the right side and throw three more rocks at each of the three Mini-Neckys near him. The Mini-Necky to the left is flying behind a small, blue Peg Board with three bananas. Afterward, Donkey Kong must climb left across a few more Peg Boards and then swing from either of the three individual pegs, pick up a rock, and throw it at the Mini-Necky at the top-right. Donkey Kong must then climb up two Peg Boards and jump on a platform leading him into the third section.

In the third and final section, there are two small Peg Boards which Donkey Kong can climb from to go up a horizontal path of pegs, many of which are cracked pegs. At the top-left of the Peg Boards, Donkey Kong can pick up a rock and throw it above into a barrel containing a Banana Bunch. A coconut-spitting Mini-Necky is above the cracked pegs, and Donkey Kong can optionally defeat the enemy by throwing a rock. Donkey Kong must climb across the cracked pegs and then go up three Peg Boards. There he encounters another coconut-spitting Mini-Necky and a trail of cracked pegs under the enemy. There is a barrel above him and another to the bottom-right, the former contains a Banana Bunch while the latter contains a banana. Donkey Kong can optionally drop into an area below with a Booster Barrel, which is required to obtain both the Crystal Coconut and the silver medal. Lastly, Donkey Kong must climb across the third trail of broken pegs, which lead up to two Peg Boards. Donkey Kong can jump to the bottom-right to land on a platform with the exit sign and finish the level.

Key items[edit]

  • Crystal Coconut: In the third and final section, Donkey Kong must enter a Booster Barrel. From it, he must grab onto a Peg Board and pick up a rock. Donkey Kong must then fly his Booster Barrel to the top, then go left and follow a trail of bananas. The trail ends at the northwest corner of the area, which has a barrel that Donkey Kong must throw the rock at to break and reveal the Crystal Coconut.
  • Silver medal: At the bottom of the third section, Donkey Kong must throw a rock at a barrel underneath the third Mini-Necky. Doing so reveals silver medal, which Donkey Kong can reach by flying into it from a nearby Booster Barrel.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネッキーのたに
Nekkī no Tani
Necky's Valley

German Neckys Nirwana
Necky's Nirvana
Italian Canyon Necky
Necky Canyon