Necky's Canyon

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DK: King of Swing level
Necky's Canyon
Necky's Canyon DKKoS shot 1.png
Location Wild West World
Neighboring levels Cactus Woods
Madcap Mine
Treacherous Twister

Necky's Canyon is a level in the Wild West World of DK: King of Swing. It can be either the first level in the world, or the second, as it is unlocked at the same time as Cactus Woods. This level is the first to feature stones that Donkey Kong (or Diddy Kong in Diddy mode) can throw at enemies or walls to destroy them. As the level's name suggests, many Neckies appear all around it, and they are the only type of enemies that appear here. Just like all levels in DK: King of Swing, Necky's Canyon contains many pegs and peg boards, however, it is the first to feature pegs that crack and fall when held onto too long. Additionally, Booster Barrels make their first appear here, found in a hidden area near the end of the level. A DK Coin and a Crystal Coconut can be found throughout this level.

Level Layout[edit]

The level begins in a small area with a single peg that has two stones around it. A wall of stone blocks is in the Kong's way, so he must swing along the peg and throw rocks at it to break it. Once it is broken, he can head along the ledge to exit the first section.

In the second section of the level, there are many Neckies scattered everywhere and some pegs and peg boards around them. The pair of peg boards under the first Necky hang over a gap and have a few bananas on them. A rock is next to the pegs above, which can be used to defeat two Neckies flying around the following peg boards. After Donkey Kong climbs a few single pegs, he reaches some more peg boards. The board to the far left has two bananas and a Necky next to it, and the pegs found ahead have another Necky below them. When they are reached, Donkey Kong can use more peg boards ahead to progress. A small board of pegs is to the left of here with a trio of bananas and a Necky on it. Another stone is next to a few single pegs, which can be used to defeat any Necky, including the one just before a solid ledge that leads to the third area.

Donkey Kong climbs on the hidden path that leads to the Booster Barrel.

When Donkey Kong enters the third area, he can find two small peg boards that lead up to some single pegs. A rock is to the left of them, which can be used to break a barrel above with a Banana Bunch in it. Many pegs are ahead; they all appear to be cracked and broken. When they are climbed along, Donkey Kong must move fast to avoid breaking them, as if they do break, he can fall. As he climbs east over the large gap below, a Necky and a barrel with a banana in it can be seen. Three peg boards with bananas on them are after the last of these broken pegs, but they are followed by more broken pegs that must be climbed along.

Above the pegs is a barrel and a Necky, while below them is another barrel that can be smashed by a nearby rock. Farther ahead, the ape can notice a hidden, small peg board below some of the broken pegs; if he falls down to it, he can find some more broken pegs that lead to a Booster Barrel that can fly him to a barrel with a Crystal Coconut in it. A Necky above a barrel that can be broken by a nearby stone is to the left of the Booster Barrel; a DK Coin is in the barrel. Eventually, Donkey Kong can climb back up to the main path full of broken pegs can reach a ledge with an exit sign on it. When he lands next to the sign, the level ends.