Booster Barrel Skyway

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DK: King of Swing level
Booster Barrel Skyway
Location K. Kruizer III
Neighboring levels K. Kruizer III Artillery
K. Kruizer III Hull
K. Kruizer III Engine

Booster Barrel Skyway is the first stage in the K. Kruizer III area of DK: King of Swing. It must be completed to unlock the following level, K. Kruizer III Artillery.

As hinted by its name, the level involves the use of Booster Barrels, which are the main items in the level. The barrels must be used to fly upwards throughout the whole stage in order to progress to the K. Kruizer III. As Donkey Kong (or Diddy Kong in Diddy mode) flies upwards, many Zingers, Neckies, and mines get in the way. A path of bananas, exclusively found when Donkey Kong is in play, stretches across the almost the entire level, with circles of bananas around some enemies. There are also replacement Booster Barrels around the stage in case the Kong crashes his. Although one of the shortest levels of the game, only containing one section (unlike the usual three), both a bronze medal and a Crystal Coconut are available in this level.

Level Layout[edit]

The level begins on flat, snowy land. A Booster Barrel hangs above the ground that can fly the Kong upwards through a long banana trail. As it passes an extra Booster Barrel, the banana trail breaks into two pathways, creating a circle that moves around a Zinger. The trail continues past a mine and a second extra Booster Barrel. More Zingers are above, one of which that can be defeated for a Crystal Coconut, along with some stationary mines. The banana trail breaks into two pathways again after the third extra Booster Barrel, creating a circle shape that surrounds a moving Necky. Another Necky is circled by more bananas just after another extra Booster Barrel. Mines are also around this area. After the fifth extra Booster Barrel, the primate flies into an area without many bananas. Mines and Neckies fill this part of the level, along with the bronze medal. Eventually, the hero should reach a platform at the top of the area with an exit sign. If he lands on this platform, the level is completed.