Puzzling Pyramid

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DK: King of Swing level
Puzzling Pyramid
Puzzling Pyramind DKKoS shot.png
Location Jungle World
Neighboring levels Banana Bungalow
Tropical Treetops
Contraption Cave

Puzzling Pyramid is an early level that takes place in the Jungle World of DK: King of Swing. It can be either the third or fourth level unlocked in the game, as Donkey Kong can unlock it before or after he completes the Tropical Treetops level. The level features a new lever device, and also has a reappearance of another kind of lever that can only be pulled down with two hands. Wheels that can be turned to make the ape's surroundings change, tires, and barrels also reappear here. Puzzling Pyramid also features the enemies, Neeks, Flitters, and a Kritter. Additionally, it contains a Crystal Coconut and a silver DK Coin, as most levels do.

Level layout[edit]

A large peg board with a wheel in the center of it is at the beginning of the level. If the wheel is turned, platforms blocking Donkey Kong's path move, creating small spaces for him to travel through. More peg boards are above, some of which that have Neeks climbing all over them. Pairs of bananas are located on the peg boards with the Neeks on them. Another wheel is ahead, and it is surrounded by single pegs. When it is turned, a peg board emerges from the wall above. Donkey Kong can use the new board to climb upwards. A trio of bananas and a Flitter are located around the peg board, which is followed by a rectangular peg board with some barrels on the boards ahead of it. The barrels must be destroyed to progress to a solid ledge that leads to the second area of the level.

In the section, there are a few pegs that lead up to another wheel. Bananas and tires are along the walls here. As the ape turns the wheel, the pegs around it rotate so he can climb higher to some more pegs with a wheel above them. They are surrounded by Flitter enemies and four bananas. With the wheel, Donkey Kong can rotate the pegs so that they move above him. If he climbs up them while they are in this position, he can reach a ledge that leads to the third area of the level.

Donkey Kong pulls the lever to open the walls.

In the third and final area, a lever with a Kritter on it can be found. If the Kritter is defeated, Donkey Kong can pull the lever to make the walls blocking his path above move apart to create an opening. After he pulls the lever a few times, the walls open up enough for him to travel through. A long, rectangular peg board is placed all the way up to the top of the area between these walls. It must be climbed fast, as the walls slowly close together when the lever is not being pulled. When the walls are passed, one last peg board can be found with a barrel above it; if the barrel is hit, a silver DK Coin is revealed. A ledge with an exit sign is to the right of here; when the ape lands next to the sign, the level is complete.