Aqua World

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Aqua World
Appearance DK: King of Swing
Levels 5
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Aqua World is a water area and the third world of DK: King of Swing. It is found after the player completes Wild West World. If Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong completes the first four levels in this world, they can head to Davy Bones' Locker, the boss level.

Although the world's name hints that it features underwater levels, it also contains a cave-like level and a level that is set in a haunted ship. Additionally, there is a level, Lockjaw Falls, that takes place on a waterfall. A few objects make their first appearance in this world, such as falling pegs, wheels that can spin the Kong quickly and throw him high in the air (if he holds onto them with the correct hand), cannons that shoot out pegs, and pegs that only appear when the Kong is holding onto a peg around them. Many objects also reappear in the Aqua World, such as barrels, Barrel Cannons, rocks that can be thrown, crates, tires, moving peg boards, and mines. Enemies also appear commonly here, and they include Kritters, Flipflaps, and Zingers. Shuris, Lockjaws, and ghost enemies that disappear when the Kong grabs two pegs with both hands also make their debut here.


Note that each level contains a DK medal and all the non-boss levels hold Crystal Coconuts.

Level Description Medal
Risky Reef.png
Risky Reef
This level takes place in a coral reef. Lockjaw and Shuri enemies are encountered here for the first time. Donkey Kong will be affected by the weight of moving underwater as he has to climb his away out of the reef. He must also break the Question Barrels to progress in the stage. These barrels, when destroyed, will make pegs appear for DK to climb.

Bronze DK Medal

Lockjaw Falls2.PNG
Lockjaw Falls
This level has Donkey Kong climbing up a waterfall as Lockjaw jump out of it. Some of the pegs used to climb the waterfall are being dragged downward by the waterfall itself in a part of the stage.

Bronze DK Medal

Kremling Kamp
The Kremling Kamp is a small establishment put together by Kremlings that DK must overcome. He will find multiple Kritter in the area, as well as the Question Barrels seen previously in Risky Reef. This level has plenty of Tires that can bounce Donkey Kong away and off course.

Silver DK Medal

Ship of Souls.png
Ship of Souls
Ship of Souls takes place in the interior of a sunken, haunted ship. Donkey Kong will have to climb on pegs being launched out of a cannon, defeat ghosts, and utilize a unique type of peg that makes other pegs around it appear in order to complete the stage.

Silver DK Medal

Davy Bones' Locker.PNG
Davy Bones' Locker
In this boss level, Donkey Kong will face off with Davy Bones in his lair. Davy Bones will try to lunge at DK, and after he dodges, he can grab its tail and slam it into some spikes to damage it. Bones will do the same attack pattern throughout the fight.

Gold DK Medal