DK Jungle Sunset

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DK Jungle Sunset
DK Jungle Sunset
Appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) Platinum Cup
Course map
DKBB DKJF map.png

DK Jungle Sunset is the second course of the Platinum Cup in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. It is the third DK Jungle track in the game, after DK Jungle and DK Jungle Falls.

Track description[edit]

The course begins with a straightaway filled with barrels and TNT barrels before a turn to the right. Then the player will come across a windmill with flat barrels for blades that must be avoided. After that is a platform with bananas underneath it and a Launcher Barrel above it. The Launcher Barrel can be used to blast the player past the barrels and Barrel Cannons up ahead. As the player enters the river before the waterfall, they will encounter a Zinger, some barrels and electrified Lockjaws.

After leaving the waterfall, there is a turn to the left that leads into a log tunnel with two Zingers, a few barrels and TNT barrels inside it. Then there is a straightaway that leads to a lake, and here are more barrels and TNT barrels found. After entering the lake, the player will make a U-turn to the right filled with barrels and Big Frogs that blows green bubbles on the track. After that turn is a long straight path filled with barrels, TNT barrels, two iron barrels and a !-panel that summons a Launcher Barrel that will blast the player up ahead. Then the player needs to make a turn around a big tree stump with houses on it before reaching the finish line.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKジャングル3
Dīkē Janguru Tsurī
DK Jungle 3
German DK-Dschungel Dämmerung DK Jungle Twilight
Italian Tramonto nella Giungla di DK DK Jungle Sunset