Tree Top Bop

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Tree Top Bop
Tree Top Bop
Level code 1-3
World Jungle
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Music track Jungle Hijinxs
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Tree Top Bop is the third level of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is also the third level of the Jungle world.

Taking place in a jungle canopy, Tree Top Bop features many obstacles, such as tilting trees and platforms, spikes, and plants. Some Blast Barrels are also located around the beginning of the level, and they help the Kongs escape from the lowest parts of the jungle and to the treetops. From there, the Kongs must jump from treetops and other platforms. Rambi the Rhino is introduced in the level, and the Rambi Crate is in a hidden area under a trapdoor after the checkpoint.

In the Time Attack mode of, a time of 0:54:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 1:25:00 for silver, and a time of 2:07:00 for bronze.


The level begins in the depths of the jungle where it is darker than other jungle areas found previously. An Awk enemy is between two stone cubes here, and some spikes are right after it. Above the spikes is a small platform with another Awk on it. There is a raised piece of land nearby as well that the Kongs can jump over to find two Awks and a Tiki Doom in front of a tilting tree with bananas on it. More tilting trees are just ahead that can be used to aid the primates in reaching a Barrel Cannon. Below the treetops are some more spikes and a DK Barrel. The moving Barrel Cannon can shoot the Kongs to another cannon and the letter K. The next cannon shoots the heroes to more Blast Barrels, which then send them to the treetops with a long line of bananas.

The area where the Kongs release Rambi the Rhino at in Tree Top Bop from Donkey Kong Country Returns
The Kongs release Rambi from an area under a trapdoor

Here, there are larger tilting trees that area infested with Frogoons. The last two platforms are a little smaller than the previous in this area, but they lead to a Barrel Cannon that can shoot the primates over a wide abyss. On the other side of the abyss, there is a set of three platforms above a group of spikes, each with an Awk on it. Some dandelions also grow next to the spikes to give the Kongs collectibles if blown on; near them area some stone statues nearby with Frogoons on them. A stone cube is located between them that can be used to reach the letter O. After passing a pile of spikes, the primates come up to the Tutorial Pig with the checkpoint.

Tree Top Bop
The end of the level

The Kongs must jump over another stone block after the checkpoint. If they pound on the platform on the ground just before it, they can find an underground area with Rambi and some large stone cubes with the rhinoceros's face on them. If the Kongs are underground here, they can shoot back above the trees by using a Barrel Cannon. Farther ahead of this area is a long group of spikes with a tilting platform above it. Rambi can smash through the spikes, or the Kongs alone can climb up the platform to reach the platform in the center of the area. This platform does not tilt, but it has a Tiki Doom and an Awk on it. Above this platform is a smaller platform with a DK Barrel that can be reached by jumping on the Tiki Doom, while under it are some large stone cubes that Rambi can smash through as a shortcut to reach the next set of spikes. Another tilting platform is above these spikes for the primates, and it can help them reach another tilting platform in the treetops. A tilting tree is near it, but it is too high to reach easily, so they must tilt the platform up to make the jump. More tilting trees are farther ahead, and two Frogoons are between a few of them, with the letter N right above the enemies. A heart can be found on the final tree, along with a Flaming Tiki Buzz floating next to it.

When the Kongs reach solid ground again, they come up to a Frogoon standing on a few stone structures and some spikes. A tilting tree is above these spikes, and there is a ledge nearby that the Kongs must get to in order to progress. There, they can find two platforms above them with Awks and a straight pathway to three Frogoons; the letter G is above them. Just after them is a series of platforms with the Slot Machine Barrel right above them. If the Kongs hit the barrel, they complete the level.


Image Name Amount
An Awk Awk 16
Frogoon Frogoon 3
Hopgoon.png Hopgoon 9
TikiDoom.png Tiki Doom 3
Flaming Tiki Buzz Flaming Tiki Buzz 1


Image Name Amount
A Banana Coin Banana Coin 14
A Barrel Barrel 1
Heart Heart 3
A DK Barrel DK Barrel 2
Red Balloon Red Balloon 1

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Image Letter Location
Tree Top Bop K When the Kongs enter the first Barrel Cannon, it moves in a horizontal path under the letter K and another Barrel Cannon, which are to the left. The Kongs must blast out to get the letter K.
Tree Top Bop O About mid-way through the level, the Kongs can find two structures with Frogoons on them. Between these is a stone cube with the letter O above it, and the Kongs can reach the letter by bouncing from a Frogoon.
Tree Top Bop N When the Kongs go across several tilting treetops, they can find two Frogoons with the letter N above them. When the Frogoons jump up, they obscure the letter N until they fall back down.
Tree Top Bop G After exiting the second Bonus Level, the Kongs must go left to find three Frogoons beneath the letter G. The Kongs must bounce on the Frogoons to reach it.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Image Number Location
Tree Top Bop 1 After the Kongs pass the first DK Barrel, they can roll jump off the ledge to reach a hidden area nearby with the first Puzzle Piece and a dandelion.
Bonus room 2 When the Kongs obtain Rambi, they must go backwards until they find a group of spikes under three platforms with Awks on them. Rambi must crash through the spikes and on a Rambi Block, which by pounding it, reveals an opening into a Bonus Level. There, the Kongs must maneuver around many stationary platforms to grab 78 bananas and two Banana Coins within 30 seconds. When the Kongs obtain all the collectibles, the Puzzle Piece appears.
Tree Top Bop 3 After the Kongs exit the first Bonus Level, they come up to an area with a large group of spikes. Instead of using the tilting platforms above, the Kongs must ride Rambi over the spikes and crash through a wall. Doing so releases a Puzzle Piece on a platform with a Tiki Doom.
Tree Top Bop 4 After the letter N and treetops, the Kongs must continue riding Rambi, who must charge through the first section of spikes until eventually smashing a wall revealing a Bonus Level entrance. In the Bonus Level, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must grab 65 bananas, three Banana Coins, and a Red Balloon by blasting through a few Barrel Cannons that constantly change angles. After collecting all the items, the Puzzle Piece appears between the Barrel Cannons.
Tree Top Bop 5 When the Kongs and Rambi come across the Slot Machine Barrel, they must skip it, follow a trail of bananas beneath it, and have Rambi smash a wall at the end. In there is a hidden alcove with many Banana Bunches and the fifth and final Puzzle Piece.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆらゆらツリー
Yurayura Tsurī
Wavering Tree

Chinese 摇摇树
Yáoyáo Shù
Swinging Tree

French Palmiers à bascule
Seesaw Palmtrees
German Wipfelboogie
Tree Top Boogie
Italian Fronda pendente
Leaning Frond
Spanish Vaivenes Vegetales
Vegetable Seesaws