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Tippy Shippy
Level code 6-7
World Cliff
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Music track Clifftop Concert
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Tippy Shippy is the forty-fourth level in the game Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is the seventh level in the Cliff area.

As this level's name suggests, it is filled with many broken ship parts that Donkey and Diddy Kong can travel on. Some parts of the boats are placed above large abysses to help the Kongs cross; cannons are in these parts, which cause platforms to appear just before they shoot to aid the primates in crossing. Other large ship parts are located on thin, tall rocks; they tip on the rocks when the Kongs stand on them. Additionally, tilting rocks are around the level, as well as swinging vines and a climbable, grassy turf, which is sometimes placed on ship parts that tilt. At the end of the level, Tiki enemies flying in the background of the level shoots cannonballs at the heroes, breaking parts of the ground. Enemies in this level include Tiki Goons, Tiki Boings, Pinchlys, Snippys, Squidlys, and Electrasquids.

In the Time Attack mode of the game, a time of 1:13:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 1:38:00 for silver, and a time of 2:13:00 for bronze.


Snaps' ancient ship in Donkey Kong Country Returns.
The first ruined airship

The level begins with a flat, rocky pathway that leads to a small gap with a vine and some bananas hanging above it. After the vine is a crooked platform with a Snippys on it. There is a Pinchly on the following platform, with appears as a rock balancing on a thin rock. It tilts when stood on. Above this platform is a wall covered in a green, grassy turf that can be climbed. Along the right side of this wall is a floating Red Balloon, and after this balloon is another crooked platform with a Snippys on it. In a small gap following this is a spring, which is placed between another tilting rock platform with a Pinchly on it. There is also a wall above the spring with some bananas and Banana Bunches on it. At the end of this area of tilting rocks and slanted platforms are two swinging vines that can help the Kongs reach a spring that can bounce them on the remains of a ship that is balanced on a tall rock. It tilts when the Kongs stand on it. On the ship are some crates, barrels, and platforms covered with enemies such as Pinchlys and Tiki Boings. Bananas and Banana Coins are placed around the area as well. When the Kongs get off of the ship, they reach another slanted platform with a Snippys on it, which is followed by a large abyss. The gap can be crossed if the Kongs use the grassy turf on a ship part being held above the pit by a mast; it tilts when the Kongs grab onto it. Many bananas are under the ship part, while the letter K of the K-O-N-G Letters is above it. On the other side of the gap is the Tutorial Pig with the checkpoint on a flat, rocky platform.

Tippy Shippy
The Kongs travel along some of the platforms attached to a vessel. These platforms only appear when the cannons stick out.

Next to the checkpoint is a DK Barrel, a dandelion, and a cactus containing an item. Ahead of these is a large abyss with a Barrel Cannon above it. The only way to reach the cannon is by jumping along some platforms attached to a ship part. These platforms only appear when the cannons in the ship stick out, as they are used as windows for the weapons. After the cannons shoot, they move back into the ship for a few seconds, causing the platforms to cover the opening for the cannon. When they are in this position, the Kongs cannot jump on them. When the Kongs get into the Barrel Cannon, it shoots them into the background through a wooden object and onto a solid ship infested with Squid Shots. They must travel across this ship, maneuvering around its many crates and Squidly enemies. On the other side of the ship is a tilting ship part placed above a gap. It has the green turf that the Kongs can climb on on it. The ship part leads to some more window platforms that only appear when cannons stick out of the ship. There are five of these platforms, and the letter O is above the fourth one. After the last of these platforms is a Barrel Cannon that shoots the Kongs back into the foreground, where they land on a tilting, curved platform with a Pinchly on it.

The platform farther ahead of it is slanted with a Snippys on it, while the two rock platforms following it are balanced on thin, tall rocks that cause it to tilt when stood on. Pinchlys are on these tilting platforms, and a vine swings above a gap after them. The vine can help them swing over a small gap with some collectibles above it. On the other side of the abyss is a ship infested with Squid Shots and Squidlys. A Pinchly is also on the front of the ship platform, which has a small gap in it. A spring is in this gap that can be bounced on to reach a ship part placed higher up, which has some green, grassy turf that can be climbed on it; the ship part tilts when grabbed on. When the Kongs make it to the end of the ship my jumping over a few Squid Shots, they can find a gap between the ship and a rather large, solid platform with a Snippys and a Pinchly on it. A windmill is on the second half of the platform, which is raised slightly higher than the first half. Collectibles are given when the windmill is blown on. A set of three platforms connected to a ship part placed above a large abyss is after this. Like some of the previous platforms, they only appear in the correct position to be used when cannons stick out of the vessel. The Tutorial Pig appears a second time in this level next to a cactus farther ahead of here on a solid platform.

Tippy Shippy
The Kongs fall towards a Barrel Cannon

Following the Tutorial Pig is a slightly slanted platform with a DK Barrel on it. The Kongs can reach two rock platforms being balanced on thin, tall rocks after this. However, these platforms, although not on a solid foundation, do not tilt when stood on, as they are both held up by a small, wooden platform located between them. Tiki enemies in the background shoot at this wooden platform with their ships. When they hit it, the rock platforms are not held up properly and begin to tilt. If the Kongs manage to climb over a raised platform after this area, they come up to ship parts held up by more thin rocks. They do not tilt until the wooden structure supporting them is destroyed by the Tikis in the background. A Pinchly is placed in this area, and the letter N is also in the air between the two vessel parts. If the Kongs jump into the Barrel Cannon located above the abyss after this area, they are shot into the background, where they land on a large, curved platform that tilts with their weight, as all other platforms that tilt in the level. A Tiki Boing is on this giant platform.

There is a group of three more platforms attached to a vessel that only appear when the ship's cannons stick out and prepare to shoot. They, along with a swinging vine that is located immediately after them, are placed above a huge abyss that the Kongs cannot fall into if they want to survive. Farther ahead are three rock platforms; the two platforms placed next to the platform in the middle of the three are solid, while the other two begin to tilt when the wooden platforms attaching them to the center platform are destroyed by Tikis shooting cannonballs. Tiki Boings are all around these platforms, and a cactus is on the center platform with an item inside of it. At the end of the area is a Barrel Cannon that shoots the Kongs back into the foreground and right onto the letter G. Immediately after they reach this area, the Tikis shoot cannonballs at it and destroy it. Sections of ground in the area begin to fall and the Tikis continue to shoot until the Kongs climb over some crates and reach a solid platform with the level's Slot Machine Barrel on it.


Image Name Count
Electrasquid Electrasquid Indefinite
A Pinchly Pinchly 12
Snaps Snippys 5
Squidly Squidly Indefinite
Tiki Boing Tiki Boing 6


Image Name Count
A Banana Coin Banana Coin 23
A DK Barrel DK Barrel 2
Heart Heart 2
Red Balloon Red Balloon 3

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Image Letter Location
K Right before the first checkpoint, the primates can find the remains of a ship covered in a green, grassy turf. The ship part, which tilts when held on to, has the letter K on top of it. The heroes must climb to the top of it by jumping off of a raised platform on the previous ship wreckage to collect the item.
O The letter O is located above the fourth platform in the area of platforms in the background just before the second Barrel Cannon.
N The letter N is just before the third Barrel Cannon in the level between two ship parts that are supported by a wooden structure.
G When the primates are shot into the foreground at the end of the level, they land directly into the letter G.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Image Number Location
Tippy Shippy 1 At the beginning of the level, DK or Diddy must climb to the top of the second wall of grassy turf and jump to the right. There is a door that leads them to a Bonus Level, where they must use a moving Barrel Cannon to grab fifty-seven bananas, two Banana Coins, and a Red Balloon. If everything is collected within thirty seconds, a Puzzle Piece appears.
2 After the heroes reach the first ship that is located in the background section of the level, they should travel past a few Squid Shots and fall into a small gap in the ship just before the last Squid Shot in the area to find a cracked stone. The can break it to find a hidden alcove that leads under the vessel and to the second Puzzle Piece.
3 When the Kongs reach the ship in the foreground right after being shot out of the second Barrel Cannon, they can find the third Puzzle Piece on the ship part under the vessel's crow's nest. They should weigh down the right side of the ship part by holding onto the grassy, green turf on it and then jump on the part from a crate to reach the Puzzle Piece.
4 In the same ship that hold the third Puzzle Piece, the Kongs need fall between two Squid Shots to travel down a small gap with a banana in it. The pit leads into a Bonus Level, where they must maneuver around several moving platforms to grab eighty bananas and two Banana Coins. If they collect everything within thirty seconds, a Puzzle Piece appears.
5 At the letter G's location, the heroes should head left over many toppling platforms to find the fifth and final Puzzle Piece.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese がけのちんぼつ
Gakeshita no Chinbotsusen
Sunken Ship Under the Cliff
French (NOA) Crête des Crustacés Crustaceans' Ridge
German Schiffsschaukel Ship Swing
Italian Scoglio galeone Galleon Rock
Spanish Barco Zozobrante Capsized Ship