Tiki Tork

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Tiki Tork
First appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (2013)
Parent species Tiki Buzz

Tiki Torks[1] are large variants of Tiki Buzzes that appear as enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

A Tiki Tork

Similar to Tiki Buzzes, they are large, wooden, drum-shaped Tikis with eyes carved into them. They also have yellow noses that take up much of the center of their faces, along with red wings and dark tail feathers. Using their wings, they can float in the air, moving in all directions. They are often placed over wide gaps, allowing the Kongs to jump on them in order to progress. Sometimes, they may also be utilized to bounce to high areas that cannot be reached with a simple jump. In Flutter Flyaway, they are trapped in wooden cages with platforms on them, which Kongs can jump on to cross large abysses. Unless the Tiki Torks are in cages, the Kongs can defeat them by jumping on them a total of three times, rolling into them, throwing a barrel at them, or sending Rambi the Rhino to slam into them. Caged Tiki Torks cannot be defeated, but this is not necessary as they cannot harm the Kongs when in cages.


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