Clingy Swingy

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Clingy Swingy
Clingy Swingy
Level code 5-2
World Forest
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Music track King of Cling
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Clingy Swingy is the thirtieth level in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is the second level of the Forest world. After completing the level, the world map path forks: Flutter Flyaway is accessed by taking the upper path and Springy Spores is accessed from the lower path.

Clingy Swingy is a dense forest area with many objects hung by pieces of rope. Many of the objects are covered in green surfaces, including large logs, platforms, and huts. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must cling to the green surfaces as the object moves. The Kongs sometimes have to jump from two green surface platforms. Wiggles appear around the climbable areas, and other enemies in the level include Tiki Zings, Toothberries, shooting Chomps, and Squeeklys.

In the Time Attack mode, a time of 1:50:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 2:10:00 for silver, and a time of 2:46:00 for bronze.


Clingy Swingy
The Kongs approach the first DK Barrel

The level begins on a straight pathway with an item-bearing plant in it. A small hill is on the end part of the pathway with the first DK Barrel on the end of it. A platform follows a small gap near the barrel, and it has a larger abyss right after it. The primates must use green, grassy turf found on a hanging platform above the abyss to climb across. The turf-covered platform tilts as the heroes climb across it due to their weight. Tiki Zings float in the gap, moving in a horizontal or vertical path. Three hanging platforms that the Kongs can stand on are ahead. They tilt with their weight when stood on. The first and last platforms have Toothberries on them, but the one in the middle has a shooting Chomp above it. A strange, hanging house follows above a large abyss. The Kongs can climb to the other side of the object with the aid of the climbable turf on it.

There is a large, round platform across from it that is also encompassed by the green, grassy turf. The Kongs must climb around this round platform while dodging the Wiggle on it to reach another hanging house with some turf on the lower part of it. A plant grows at the bottom of this object, releasing an item when pounded on. A hanging house is nearby here on the other side of this turf hanging object. Turf covers the curved side of it, which the duo can grab on to. When they hang on it, the platform swings downwards, pulling them in a U-shaped path above the remaining parts of the abyss. Bananas and the letter K of the K-O-N-G Letters can be collected as they swing with the platform. When it finally swings in a full U path, they are able to reach a hanging platform that tilts by their weight when stood on. Two more identical platforms are ahead, with Squeeklys flying around them.

Clingy Swingy
The Kongs encounter some Squeeklys and a shooting Chomp

A mushroom holding a DK Barrel is between the first two platforms, and a shooting Chomp is also above the middle platform. A long platform with turf on the bottom of it is immediately after the third platform. The Kongs must use it and the mushroom below it to cross a wide abyss. A plant containing an item grows on the top of the platform, and bananas float under it. Squeeklys continue to fly around them at this point as well. There is another trio of platforms ahead. They are suspended by ropes, which are not strong enough to prevent them from tilting from the Kongs' weight. A mushroom with a plant growing on it is between the first two platforms, a shooting Chomp is above the second platform, and the last platform has two Banana Coins and some bananas around it. A solid platform is ahead with the Tutorial Pig and the checkpoint sitting on it.

Clingy Swingy
The Kongs deal with some Tiki Zings and Toothberries

A pair of mushrooms that can be stood on are below the left half of another hanging platform that the Kongs can climb on due to the turf on the bottom of it. A shooting Chomp is below the right half of it, and Tiki Zings move in horizontal and vertical lines above it. The primates can land on a mushroom with a DK Barrel when they reach the end of the hanging object. Another hanging object with turf on it is nearby. Five Tiki Zings move at ninety degree angles in a line, forming horizontal and vertical lines, on top of it. They can climb across it while dodging Squeeklys and a shooting Chomp to cross and abyss. A large object with round edges is on the other side of the abyss after a solid platform. It is covered in turf for the heroes to grab onto. When they grab the grass, the large object begins to swing towards a round platform with more turf all around it. Donkey and Diddy can climb around the object to reach the round platform, which begins to swing in a large U shape when they grab onto it.

When it swings to its highest point, another round platform covered in turf and bananas is put into view. They can jump up to it and climb to the top of it to reach a platform that tilts with their weight. A gap separates it with the following hanging platform, which has some Toothberries on it. In order to cross it, the heroes must use an object suspended by ropes and climb along the turf on it. Five Tiki Zings attack them as they climb, moving in horizontal and vertical lines. Once they cross the abyss and reach the next platform, which tilts when their weight is put on it, the primates can notice another large object enclosed by turf ahead of five more Tiki Zings. It swings towards a small turf-covered object nearby that sways when jumped on as well. It can swing the primates in a U path past two solid platforms; the platform on the left has the letter O and two Banana Bunches on it, while the other has a Banana Coin and another pair of Banana Bunches. The turf-covered object can then swing the duo onto a higher solid platform with the Tutorial Pig and the second checkpoint on it.

A round, hanging object enclosed in grassy turf and bananas is above a gap ahead. The Kongs can use it to reach a set of four platforms that tilt when stood on; two Banana Coins are on the first of these platforms, a DK Barrel on top of a mushroom is on the second, bananas and a shooting Chomp are above the third, and another mushroom holding an item-bearing plant is on the fourth. A giant, hanging object is ahead of the four platforms, which have many Squeeklys flying around them. The giant object is covered with turf, except for on the top of it and on a small gap in the bottom of it. When it is grabbed onto, it begins to swing in a large U path. The heroes cannot climb all the way across it to reach the next platform because of the gap in it, so they must first drop to a solid platform found at the bottom of the area. Some mushrooms, one of which holds the letter N, are under this platform. When the giant, aforementioned object swings back towards the Kongs as they wait on this set of platforms, they should grab onto the right side of it to be able to reach the next platform, which is followed by another platform identical to it. The two platforms tilt with the Kongs' weight, and they lead them to a large abyss with four round objects floating in it.

Clingy Swingy
The Kongs approach a structure with two Cling Cobras on it

The objects are all covered in turf that the primates can climb on, but Wiggles also attack around them. Additionally, plants grow on the first two objects, and a giant bunch of bananas sits on the top of the third. A long platform with turf on the bottom of it can be reached from the last of these four round objects. The Kongs can climb along the turf on it to cross more of the abyss below. A mushroom carrying the letter G is under this platform, while bananas and Toothberries are above it. Another platform with Toothberries on it is ahead. It tilts with the weight of the primates. A round object covered in turf with a pair of Wiggles on it follows this. The Kongs can use it to reach another platform that tilts with their weight. Toothberries and bananas are placed on it. There is also a triangular object ahead with a curved bottom nearby. If the heroes grab onto the turf connected to it, which is located on the curved side of it only, it swings them in a U-shaped path past many collectibles and up to a mushroom platform with the level's Slot Machine Barrel on it; the level is complete when this is hit.


Image Name Count
Shooting Chomp Shooting Chomp 6
The Squeekly family Squeekly 25
Model of Tiki Zing from Donkey Kong Country Returns Tiki Zing 25
A Toothberry Toothberry 12
Cling Cobra Wiggle 7


Image Name Count
A Banana Coin Banana Coin 18
A DK Barrel DK Barrel 4
Heart Heart 1

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Image Letter Location
The letter K in Clingy Swingy K At the start, there is a triangular object with a curved bottom, and it swings like a pendulum. As it swings, the Kongs must cling on the green surface, then follow a trail of bananas until reaching the letter K at the lowest point of when the object swings.
Clingy Swingy O The letter O is on the left platform under the last swinging structure before the second checkpoint. The Kongs can reach the letter by.
Clingy Swingy N After the second checkpoint, the Kongs encounter a wide swinging green-covered log. The letter N is on a platform hidden beneath the log.
The letter G in Clingy Swingy G Near the end of the level, the Kongs must swing from a long platform with a green surface at the bottom. The Kongs can drop to a small platform in the center of the pit to get the letter G.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Image Number Location
Clingy Swingy 1 Shortly after the letter K, the Kongs must jump from some Squeeklys to reach a high platform with a green surface beneath it. The first Puzzle Piece is inside of a plant on the green surface, and the Kongs can obtain it by Ground Pounding the plant.
Clingy Swingy 2 After the first checkpoint, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must jump from a Squeekly and move in midair toward a platform with a green surface. When the Kongs land on it, they must go left and pass five Tiki Zings while to enter a nearby Blast Barrel that takes them into the Bonus Level. In it, the Kongs have 30 seconds to collect four Banana Coins and 40 bananas in the air, which they can reach from a bouncing platform. When they collect all of the items, the Puzzle Piece appears.
Clingy Swingy 3 Shortly after the Bonus Level, there is a large structure covered in a green surface that swings when the Kongs grab on it. They must climb around it and Ground Pound a plant that releases the third Puzzle Piece.
Clingy Swingy 4 After the Kongs get off a pendulum-like structure that swings them near the letter N, they must wait for the object to swing back so that they can jump on top of it. As the Kongs stand on the structure, it swings them to a Puzzle Piece above.
Clingy Swingy 5 Right after the letter G is a round object with two Wiggles. The fifth and final Puzzle Piece is on the bottom of it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイングスイング
Suingu Suingu
Swing Swing

French (NOA) Primates Acrobates
Acrobatic Primates
German Kletterschaukel
Climbing Swing
Italian Gola mezzaria
Mid-air Throat
Spanish Agarrado y Columpiado
Hung and Swung