Forest (Donkey Kong Country Returns)

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This article is about the fifth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns. For the second area in Donkey Kong, see Forest (Donkey Kong). For the Subspace Emissary stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, see The Forest.
Forest DKCR.png
Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Levels 10
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“Keep an eye out for some replacement rocking-chair material. This one chafes.”
Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong Country Returns

The Forest is the fifth world of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It can be accessed after defeating the Mole Train. It is located on Donkey Kong Island, and directly stated by its name, is set within in a dense forest.

In some of Forest's levels there are sun rays that shine through the trees in the background. Forest introduces new elements including: vines, moving structures with turf, platforms that fluctuate up and down in a diagonal fashion, and slow-moving pillars capable of crushing the Kongs. There are many plants appearing in the background that can be Ground Pounded for items and patches of grass that can be clung onto. Forest shares some elements with Jungle such as springy flora and similar enemies.

The common enemies in the world include Skittlers and Cling Cobras.


Level number Name Preview Description
World 5-1 Vine Valley DKCR Vine Valley 1.png A dense forest level, beginning inside an underground cavern. It is filled with Cling Cobras, Buzzbites, and other enemies, but its defining elements are the vines and Vine Chomps.
World 5-2 Clingy Swingy DKCR Clingy Swingy 1.png A level where, much like in King of Cling, the centric element is the grassy turf covering most objects and platforms. The Kongs can use it to climb logs and hanging huts.
World 5-3 Flutter Flyaway FlutterFlyAway.png A stage featuring a harmless variant of Tiki Buzzes that can lift and carry the Kongs.
World 5-4 Tippin' Totems Tippin'Totems.png A level that features various moving totem poles.
World 5-5 Longshot Launch DKCR Longshot Launch Letter G.png A stage where the Kongs make great use of Barrel Cannons.
World 5-6 Springy Spores DKCR Springy Spores 4.png This level contains broad mushrooms that are used as trampolines.
World 5-7 Wigglevine Wonders WigglevineWonders.png A level dedicated to Wigglevines, a species of levitating creatures that are able to carry the Kongs using the long vines attached to them.
World 5-8 Muncher Marathon Muncher Marathon DKCR.png A level crowded with spiders. For most of the level, the Kongs are chased by a growing hoard of Munchers.
World 5-K Blast & Bounce BlastBounce.png The fifth temple stage of the game. The main obstacles here are the Tiki Zings and their bigger counterparts, and the Kongs would have to sneak between them using Barrel Cannons and bouncy tires.
World 5-B Mangoruby Run MangorubyBattle2-DKCR.png The fifth boss stage of the game. The Kongs are set against Mangoruby.


The Forest diorama, unlocked after collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Blast & Bounce and defeating Mangoruby

The following is extra content that can be unlocked in the Forest. The unlockables can be seen in their respective galleries after selecting the "EXTRAS" option in a file's menu. For a full list of extras in the game, see here.


Images are unlocked by collecting all Puzzle Pieces in certain levels. All images that can be unlocked in the Forest are listed below, along with their titles and the levels wherein they can be unlocked (mentioned in parentheses).


A soundtrack selection for this world can be unlocked after beating Mangoruby.