Tidal Terror

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Tidal Terror
Tidal Terror
Level code 2-7
World Beach
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Music track Tidal Terror
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Tidal Terror is the fourteenth level in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is the seventh and last regular level of the Beach world.


Tidal Terror is unique compared to other beach levels because it features strong waves that constantly wash over the rock pathways of the level. The waves are strong enough to wipe away Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong instantly, along with any item or enemy in their path. The Kongs can avoid the waves by hiding behind large rock pillars. Some pillars have to be Ground Pounded up, as indicated by a large red button where the pillar will be sprung up when pounded. The Kongs can avoid Snippys and Pinchlys along the path. The waves ravage the shoreline quickly, so the Kongs must quickly move between walls, some of which crumble when hit by the waves. Near the end, there is a ship wreckage that the Kongs can go through, though the waves still move through the windows. Enemies in the level include Snippys, Pinchlys, Snaggles, and Squidlys.


The Kongs pound a red button to make a small rock platform appear in Tidal Terror
The Kongs pound a red button for a rock to show up

The level begins with a straight pathway leading towards a Snippys and a Pinchly. Three stone walls are behind the Kongs at this point, with the last two being thin and tall. The first wall is bigger and has an object that can be pounded on repeatedly to reveal bananas. Two more rock walls are ahead with some Snippys in front of them. The second of these walls crumbles when hit by a wave, and the letter K of the K-O-N-G Letters is between it and the first barrier, along with a Banana Coin and bananas. A red button is after another thin rock barrier with a barrel in front of it. Crab enemies run around the button, which can be hit to reveal a barrier that only sticks out of the ground for a few seconds. A giant rock barrier with a gap in front of it is after a long pathway that is almost completely exposed to the waves, with only a small rock wall on it that can only be useful if crouched behind.

Another pathway completely exposed to the waves follows this, with some Pinchlys and a banana-filled object (which releases the items when pounded on) on it. Eventually, a red button can be found that makes a rock wall appear for a short time to shield the primates from the waves. A ceiling covered in a green, grassy turf is ahead that can be climbed along to cross a gap with a Snaggles jumping from it. The letter O is also on a thin pillar in the gap next to the Snaggles. When the heroes cross the gap and get to the end of the turf, they come up to another area exposed to the powerful waves. A ship part is ahead that they can take refuge behind. As they follow the path shielded by this ship part, they come across a wooden pillar, which can be pounded into the ground to reveal a similar pillar nearby, a Red Balloon ascending quickly, a barrel, and some crab enemies. There is also a lone treasure chest here that contains a Banana Coin. The Tutorial Pig waits at the checkpoint behind a rock after this ship barrier.

The Kongs activate a checkpoint in Tidal Terror
The Kongs activate the checkpoint

A small rock wall that can only be useful if the Kongs crouch behind it and a Snippys follow the checkpoint. A tunnel area is ahead that has many large abysses at the bottom part of it. Luckily, a climbable turf is on the ceiling in it that the Kongs can use to cross them. After the primates pass the first Snaggles in the tunnel, they climb above a small platform with a Banana Coin. A similar platform with a Snaggles jumping in the gap before it is after this, followed by another platform holding a Banana Bunch ahead of three more Snaggles. The remaining part of the tunnel from here has an abyss in it, with the letter N hovering in it. On the other side of the gap and outside of the tunnel is the first DK Barrel. A gap holding a small platform is nearby, being unblocked by the violent waves. There is an area protected by a rock wall after this. The wall is connected to a ceiling structure covered in a grassy, climbable turf. Below the turf is an object that shoots out bananas when pounded on repeatedly.

This is followed by a few small gaps exposed by waves. Ahead of the gaps are some Snippys that stand in front of some small rock walls that must be crouched under to avoid the waves. There is also a red button here that can be hit to reveal a small rock wall for a few seconds. Another small stone barrier is in this area as well just before a gap. A Snippys and a crumbling rock barrier follow the gap, with more Snippys and a smaller barrier after them. Eventually, Donkey and Diddy can reach an area being protected by a wooden ship part. Windows are in the ship barrier that the waves can shoot through them and hit the primates. Squid Shots fire at the heroes in this area, and the letter G hovers above the second of these foes. Between the first two windows in the ship barrier is also a sandbag that can be broken open by using a nearby barrel. The Kongs reach a giant treasure chest once they pass the last two Squid Shots piled on top of each other. Inside is the Slot Machine Barrel; the level is completed when it is hit.

Time Attack times[edit]

Medal Time
Bronze 1 minute, 42 seconds
Silver 1 minute, 20 seconds
Gold 53 seconds


Image Name Amount
A Pinchly Pinchly 7
A Snaggles. Snaggles 6
Snaps Snippys 15
Squidly Squidly Indefinite


Image Name Amount
A Banana Coin Banana Coin 10
A Barrel Barrel 1
A DK Barrel DK Barrel 1
Red Balloon Red Balloon 1

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Image Letter Location
Tidal Terror K In the air, right before the first fragile rock barrier that breaks from a wave; the Kongs can reach the letter K in the air by bouncing from some Snippys.
Tidal Terror O In the first tunnel area, on a platform under a Climbing Grass after a Snaggles.
Tidal Terror N At the end of the second tunnel area in a gap just before the first DK Barrel. The Kongs can reach it safely by performing a roll jump, or by hovering via Diddy's jetpack.
Tidal Terror G Above the second Squid Shot at the end of the level. The Kongs can reach it by jumping from two Squid Shots.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Image Number Location
Tidal Terror 1 The first Puzzle Piece in the first treasure chest, at the start of the level. The Kongs can open the chest by Ground Pounding it.
Tidal Terror 2 When the Kongs reach the hull of a shipwreck, they must pound on the first pillar sticking out of the ground to make another pillar appear nearby, along with the second Puzzle Piece.
Tidal Terror 3 Right before the pillar with the second Puzzle Piece is an area of ground that the Kongs can pound to drop into a Bonus Level. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 30 seconds to collect 65 bananas, three Banana Coins, and a Red Balloon. They can blast through four Barrel Cannons to collect the items, causing the Puzzle Piece to appear.
Tidal Terror 4 After the checkpoint, inside the second tunnel area, the Kongs must cling to Climbing Grass on the ceiling. A treasure chest is on the second platform, and the Kongs can drop to it and pound the chest to reveal the fourth Puzzle Piece.
Tidal Terror 5 After the first DK Barrel and behind the rock wall is a large container that holds bananas. The Kongs can Ground Pound it to make it empty out bananas, and it will reveal the final Puzzle Piece when it explodes.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あらしのビーチ
Arashi no Bīchi
Stormy Beach

Chinese 暴风雨海滩
Bàofēngyǔ Hǎitān
Storming Beach

French (NOA) Tsunami Infini
Infinite Tsunami
German Wellenbrecher-Wahnsinn
Wavebreaker Madness
Italian Risacca risucchio
Undertow Slipstream
Korean 폭풍우 치는 비치
Pokpungu Chineun Bichi
Storming Beach

Spanish Olas Hostiles
Hostile Waves


  • In a 2021 interview, Kynan Pearson, a senior designer for Donkey Kong Country Returns, stated that Tidal Terror's tidal wave mechanic was inspired by a level from Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, in which waves come in from the background and destroy the foreground to hinder progression.[1]


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