Blast & Bounce

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Blast & Bounce
Blast & Bounce
Level code 5-K
World Forest
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
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Blast & Bounce, or Blast ‘N’ Bounce,[1] is the thirty-seventh level in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, as well as the ninth and final level in the Forest world. As a Key Temple, all of the K-O-N-G Letters in the Cave world must be collected to unlock it.

The temple has a few platforms, but the bulk of it requires the use of bouncing off Tiki Buzzes and using Barrel Cannons. The Kongs need to get good aerial gain from the Tiki Buzzes if they want to jump from one to the other. The Barrel Cannons are also surrounded by many Tiki Zings. If Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong are to hit one of these while blasting through the air, they are likely to fall into the pit below. There are a few tires in the level.

In the Time Attack mode of the game, a time of 1:39:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 1:41:00 for silver, and a time of 1:55:00 for bronze.


The Kongs time cannon blasts to avoid the Tiki Zings.

The Kongs begin this level on a platform with some vases that can be Ground Pounded, leading to three Tiki Buzzes hovering above some Tiki Zings. After that, they bounce off of the Tiki Buzzes into a Barrel Cannon that can be used once. The Kongs must fire out while avoiding the Tiki Zing circling around the next barrel. Then they need to fire to the next one that has two Tiki Zings orbiting it, then to the right to a barrel that has three Tiki Zings around it. Then they have to fire up to another barrel with two Tiki Zings, and to the right to another barrel, but this time with just one Tiki Zing. After that, the Kongs must fire to a barrel that rotates every ninety degrees that is orbiting a big Tiki Zing. They must time right to land into the next barrel and continue until they reach another barrel that has two Tiki Zings circling it. The Kongs must then fire down to the right for the next orbiting barrel, and then to the upper right to the penultimate barrel. After that, they must fire when the barrel and the gap between the three Tiki Zings to land safely to the next barrel, and then fire out of the same aperture to reach the barrel that leads them to the next segment of the course.

Now the Kongs must shoot out of the barrel onto two Tiki Buzzes that are hovering over Tiki Zings. They must continue right into another barrel that shoots them straight up. They need to maneuver to the right and land on a springy tire. They must use the tire to hop over the moving Tiki Zing into the next barrel. Then they need to repeat the latter cycle for the next three to avoid three moving Tiki Zings, one being massive. Then the Kongs need to use the next eight Tiki Buzzes to hop on to avoid the Tiki Zings and land into the next barrel. Firing out of the barrel, they need to bounce high off the Tiki Buzz in order to reach the next barrel, which fires them through stone barriers that say DK into the next segment of the course.

Blast & Bounce
The Kongs bounce along the tires.

Here, the Kongs need to use the massive moving tires to bounce safely to the next barrel. The first three tires are next to each other, with the third and fourth being intercepted by a big Tiki Zing with a Tiki Buzz over it. Then tire four and five have a big Tiki Zing with two regular-size Tiki Zings above it. The fifth and sixth tires have a big Tiki Zing in between them. Tires seven through nine are next to each other, but if the Kongs bounce high enough, they could possibly be hit by the two rotating Tiki Zings high above the tires. Between tires nine and ten is another massive Tiki Zing, followed by another massive Tiki Zing and two regular-sized Tiki Zings above it between tires ten and eleven and tires eleven and twelve and after tire number twelve. Yet, there is a massive Tiki Zing above tire eleven and tire twelve, which could hurt the Kongs if they bounce off the tire with too much force. After the twelfth tire is a Tiki Buzz which helps the Kongs reach the next barrel. After landing the barrel, they shoot out of it and fire automatically through the next few barrels and reach the next segment.

After blasting out of the last barrel in the background, many Tiki Zings fly out along with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Landing in the next barrel, the Kongs need to shoot out and land into the next barrel right below it. Then they need to shoot to the next barrel to the bottom left, yet there is a Tiki Zing floating back and forth above it. The Kongs need to time right to avoid it and reach the next barrel. The next barrel is to the bottom right, with a Tiki Zing above that barrel, plus the Tiki Zing above the barrel the Kongs are currently in. The best bet is to wait for the Tiki Zing right above to be to the right of the Kongs so that they can avoid both Tiki Zings without narrowly avoiding them. For reaching the next barrel, they should do the same as the last barrel. Then they have to avoid the last Tiki Zing to reach the next barrel which leads them to the penultimate segment of the course.

Blast & Bounce
The Kongs use the barrel cannons to get by the spoon platforms.

There are three tires after the barrel, with massive Tiki Zings after the second and third one. Then after the tires are these barrels that ride up and down this spoon-like platform. Around the spoon platforms are Tiki Zings, and the Kongs need to avoid them as they fire away. The player needs to have Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong shot near the bottom, which leads them to the next barrel, and cause the spoon platform to fall over. The next one has to be a tad below the middle to reach the next barrel, and then a tad above the middle to the next barrel. Then they need to fire near the bottom, yet not at the bottom, to reach the next barrel. After that, they end up automatically firing through barrels into the last segment of the course.

After the last automatic barrel they land in a barrel that moves in in an oval-like path that trails behind three Tiki Zings. They need to fire to the next barrel that is also following the path yet backwards when the Tiki Zing is not blocking the path. They need to do that for the next five times, while avoiding the three pairs of three Tiki Zings to reach more automatic firing barrels. After the four automatic barrels they are fired to safe ground to where the fifth Rare Orb lies. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong need to grab the orb in order to finish the level.


Image Name Count
A Tiki Buzz Tiki Buzz 16
Model of Tiki Zing from Donkey Kong Country Returns Tiki Zing 48
Tiki Zing (big) Tiki Zing (big) 25


Image Name Count
A Banana Coin Banana Coin 2

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Image Number Location
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong collect the first Puzzle Piece of Blast & Bounce in Donkey Kong Country Returns 1 The first Puzzle Piece is right at the beginning of the level. The player needs to hop on the three Tiki Buzzes, with the last one they high bounce on. They need to avoid the first barrel, and fall in the abyss between the first two barrels. When this is done, they land on the Puzzle Piece, and enter a barrel, which shoots to the second one.
The second Puzzle Piece of Blast & Bounce in Donkey Kong Country Returns 2 The second Puzzle Piece is hidden within the barrel gear area. The player needs the Kongs to shoot through all the barrels until they reach the one surrounding the fourth big Tiki Zing. There they need to shoot the Kongs towards the upper right, which leads them to a new barrel. The new barrel propels the Kongs through bananas and the Puzzle Piece, and then the next barrel leads them back on track.
Blast & Bounce 3 The third Puzzle Piece is after many Tiki Buzzes. The Kongs need to high bounce on top of the penultimate Tiki Buzz that is hovering over another Tiki Buzz and the barrel in order to reach the Puzzle Piece.
The fourth Puzzle Piece of Blast & Bounce in Donkey Kong Country Returns 4 The fourth Puzzle Piece is after a set of tires and some Tiki Zings. The player has to have the Kongs bounce off of the tire just to the left of a pair of spinning Tikis in order to bounce harmlessly in between them. In between them is where the fourth Puzzle Piece lies.
The second Puzzle Piece of Blast & Bounce in Donkey Kong Country Returns 5 The final Puzzle Piece is hidden behind some Tiki Zings in the last set of barrels. The player needs to shoot the Kongs out of the second barrel when it is at its highest point in order to harmlessly make it to the Puzzle Piece.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タルたいほうラビリンス
Taru Taihō Rabirinsu
Barrel Cannon Labyrinth

French (NOA) Rebonds & Explosions
Rebounces & Explosions
German Furioser Fässerflug
Furious Barrel Flight
Italian Stanza colbotto
Room with a bang


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