The Mole Train

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The Mole Train
The Mole Train
Level code 4-B
World Cave
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Boss Mole Miner Max
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This article is about the fourth boss level in Donkey Kong Country Returns. For information on the vehicle featured in the boss battle, see Train (Donkey Kong Country Returns).

The Mole Train is the fourth boss stage in Donkey Kong Country Returns and its 3DS port Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, located at the end of the Cave world. It takes place on a train operated by Mole Miner Max and his army of Mole Miners. Apart from Tiki Tong Terror, The Mole Train is the only boss stage in the series that is not entirely focused on fighting the main boss.


Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong start the level on a flat ground, and a DK Barrel is just ahead. During a cutscene, the Mole Miners are seen putting bananas into Mine Carts. They then spot Banjo Bottom, who observes the Mole Miners loading the mine carts. Mole Miner Max appears to be asleep in the cockpit of the train. However, after Banjo Bottom notices the Kongs, he possesses Mole Miner Max, forcing him to start up the train and drive off with the bananas. The Kongs chase after him and the battle begins.


Most of the boss battles takes place on a small minecart. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will have to avoid the pickaxes thrown by the Mole Miners. Depending on how high or low they are thrown, Donkey and Diddy can just duck or jump. Also, during the second and third set of moles, the mole miners can throw bombs, and the duo must throw them off of their cart. While on the cargo, the moles will attack by hiding in the bananas and then popping up in a random area. However, the moles can easily be detected by the pile of bananas shaking right before the mole pops out. Attempting to jump on the moles as they are coming out of the bananas results in damage. If Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong take too long attacking the moles, three Mole Miners on a train can run over the carts with its drill, easily taking out the duo. Mole Miner Max uses the same tactic, except his attacks are more unpredictable, and his pickaxes are much larger and harder to dodge. There is one tell-tale sign that will help the player more easily defeat him: he never pops out of the first cart that shakes. This information is especially useful for a Mirror Mode attempt.


To defeat the Mole Train, Donkey and Diddy will need to defeat the three sets of Mole Miners by just simply jumping on them. However, the two primates need to wait a second after the moles come up, or else when they do not wait and jump on one, they will get hurt by their claws and lose a heart. After each set of Mole Miners are defeated, four of the five minecarts will break down, as indicated by their wheels shaking. The player must move to the one safe minecart before the carts break down, allowing the Kongs to continue the chase. Once all three sets of Mole Miners are defeated, one of the mine carts catches up to the Mole Train, where Mole Miner Max will leap out of the cockpit, and into the banana-filled carts. This is when players must then face Max. After he has been hit four times, Donkey Kong pummels Max, sending him smashing back into the cockpit and will be defeated. The drill comes loose and the wheels stop moving. The Mole Train comes to a slow stop at the edge of a cliff. However, the drill falls off the train and into the bottomless pit. Banjo Bottom emerges from Mole Miner Max, and Donkey Kong can go up to Banjo Bottom and punch it numerous times so that it flies off into the distance.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぼうそう列車 モールカート
Bōsō Ressha Mōru Kāto
Speeding Train Mole Cart
Chinese 失控列车 鼹鼠矿车
Shīkòng Lièchē Yǎnshǔ Kuàngchē
Wild Train Mole Cart
French Train des Taupes -
German Maulwurfzug Mole Train
Italian Convoglio Grottalpa Mole Convoy


  • The level's name might be a pun on the television show, Soul Train.