Tiki Tong Tower

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Concept artwork of the Tiki Tong Tower

Tiki Tong Tower[1] is the giant, seemingly living tower in the center of the Volcano in Donkey Kong Country Returns and is home to the leader of the Tiki Tak Tribe, Tiki Tong. In the game's opening, it sends out several Tikis to hypnotize the local population.

It can be seen from anywhere on the map's world select, and appears to be an observation point; it always faces the camera and constantly moves its lower jaw. To get to the top, the player must get into a Rocket Barrel and fly up to the top, dodging a series of obstacles along the way. At the top, the player goes inside the Tiki Tong Tower's mouth and must defeat Tiki Tong; after he is defeated, Donkey Kong destroys the tower by punching the Moon into it.