King of Cling

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King of Cling
King of Cling
Level code 1-2
World Jungle
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Music track King of Cling
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King of Cling is the second level of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is also the second area of the Jungle world. Its name appears to be a reference to a DK game, DK: King of Swing.

This level introduces a grassy, green turf that Donkey Kong can climb on. The level also features several obstacles seen in the first level, Jungle Hijinxs, such as spikes, dandelions (which can be blown on to reveal hidden items), and large, bouncy flowers. Additionally, the two levels share some of the same enemies, including the small, blue bird enemies, Awks and Frogoons. However, King of Cling introduces Tiki Zings and large, carnivorous plants known as Chomps (which are similar to Piranha Plants) that try to eat the Kongs. They are commonly placed in large gaps, which can only be crossed by using the grassy turf on ceilings. The turf is also placed on walls and around turning wheels for the Kongs to cling onto.

In the Time Attack mode of the game, the Kongs must score a time of 1:21:00 for a gold medal, a time of 1:36:00 for a silver medal, or a time of 2:16:00 for a bronze medal.


The level begins with a pathway leading to a gap of spikes following an Awk. The grassy turf lined with bananas above the spikes can help the Kongs cross the obstacle. Another Awk is after this, and a small platform holding a DK Barrel is on top of it. The platform can be reached only with the stone cube on the ground below it. The letter K is also near a wall here by some more grassy turf. Two plants are below it holding some hidden items. There is a small tunnel area farther into the level featuring a Chomp that shoots out of a gap to eat the Kongs as they try to cross the area with the turf. The area ahead carries a few weaker land enemies, including Frogoons and a strange plant holding a Banana Coin. A moving wheel is nearby, covered in the grassy turf. On top of it is a heart and some bananas, but below it is a Chomp and an Awk. The areas ahead feature some more spikes, although a safe platform is floating above them near another enemy. To the right of the enemy is a gap containing another Chomp. The turf above it that is covered in bananas can be used to reach a Banana Coin. Across this wall is another wall of turf to climb on, and it is also covered in bananas.

King of Cling
The Kongs near a Chomp and a giant Chomp

A second small gap holds a Chomp below the grass, followed by a much larger abyss holding a giant Chomp. The green turf lining the walls can help the Kongs pass these enemies and get to a heart. On a small platform below the turf is a strange plant holding a Banana Coin. Near it is a much larger flower that can be bounced off of to reach more of the grassy turf and another item-holding plant. A bridge stretches across a long gap next to a DK Barrel, leading to two Awks and another strange plant holding a barrel. The barrel can be used to access an area in the background, where there are some turning wheels covered in grassy turf and the letter O on a wall above them. At the end of the area is another plant containing the barrel that shoots the primates back into the foreground. Here, there is another bridge leading to a flat platform floating in the air and a small ledge with a stone cube on its edge. Following an orange plant with a Banana Bunch after this is a large, bouncy flower that can help the Kongs reach another set of grassy turf to cross a large abyss containing a giant plant enemy. The turf is lined with bananas and a plant that holds a Puzzle Piece. Another bouncy, red flower is below the turf, followed by the Tutorial Pig who marks the checkmark.

There is another gap filled with a Chomp inside of it farther ahead, along with a DK Barrel. Nearby, the same type of plant enemies shoot out of the ceiling to attack, while Awk enemies walk along the ground. Farther on is a large, open area with some grassy turf on the side of the wall. A vicious Chomp enemy occasionally shoots out of this wall. A single wheel covered in turf is also in the center of the area to aid the Kongs in reaching an area of grassy turf along another wall. The wall leads to a flat surface, where another Chomp shoots out of the wall. Grassy turf lines this wall as well, and a small plant containing a Banana Bunch is inside of it. There is a platform holding a dandelion nearby, which gives the primates a banana if blown on. On the other end of the platform is a curved wall covered in turf that leads to a plant containing a Banana Bunch and a higher platform with a DK Barrel on it. To the left of the platform is a wall of grassy turf that is lined with some bananas. The turf can help the heroes climb to a higher area, where there is a long section of spikes and another item-filled plant. They can be crossed by using the wheels floating around. These obstacles have the grassy turf on them, so the Kongs can climb to the wall on the right that is covered in more of the turf.

King of Cling
The Kongs cling onto some of the grassy turf

If the Kongs climb along the turf, they can reach another Chomp on the top of the area. The only way to avoid it is by using the moving platform below. Grassy turf covered with bananas lies farther ahead, leading to another area. A small platform is below the turf along the wall on the left to help the Kongs if they fall. There is a bouncy flower in the center of this next area that can aid the heroes in clinging onto the grassy turf along another turning wheel. To the right of this obstacle is a small space with a plant growing on it, which contains a Banana Coin. Some grassy turf is above a hole in the wall in which a Chomp shoots out of the eat the Kongs. It can take the primates to the top of the area, where there are two platforms below another Chomp. The platforms, holding some Banana Bunches, must be used to dodge the plant and to get to the grassy turf nearby. The turf leads high into a new area. On the right side of the wall holding this turf is another small section of the grassy turf, and a Banana Coin is on it. The turf on the left wall stretches through a long passage with some sharp spikes along the bottom of it.

As the Kongs progress through this part of the level, they can find more grassy turf showing up of the right side of the walls. The primates must alternate between walls to avoid some plant enemies that shoot out of the sides of them. The turf of the wall on the right continues into a new area, while a dandelion grows on a small section of land to the left. Many large, red, and bouncy flowers are floating in this open area. The flowers, although infested with enemies of the Tiki Tak Tribe, help the primates find the letter G and travel to the highest point in the level, where there is a Blast Barrel. The barrel can be used to shoot the heroes to the Slot Machine Barrel, which causes the level to end when hit.


Image Name Amount
An Awk Awk 12
Chomp Chomp 14
Frogoon Frogoon 3
Giant Chomp Giant Chomp 2
Model of Tiki Zing from Donkey Kong Country Returns Tiki Zing 2


Image Name Amount
A Banana Coin Banana Coin 10
Heart Heart 4
A DK Barrel DK Barrel 4

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Image Letter Location
King of Cling K On the platform with the first DK Barrel, the Kongs can jump to the right near a wall to find the letter K.
King of Cling O Between two bridges near the middle of the level, there is a gourd that can be Ground Pounded to make a Barrel Cannon appear. It can shoot the Kongs into the background, where the letter O is located above two wheels covered in grassy turf.
King of Cling N As the Kongs approach the end of the level, they can climb up two wheels and head to the right, where there is some more turf. If they climb down the turf they can find the letter N.
King of Cling G At the end of the level when the heroes bounce on flowers, the letter G can be found on one of the plants, which is guarded by a Tiki Zing.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Image Number Location
King of Cling 1 If the Kongs hover past the letter K, going into the wall, they can find a hidden area in the canopy with the first Puzzle Piece.
King of Cling 2 Just ahead of the letter K is a turning wheel with a heart on it. If the Kongs head to the top of it and hop along a few platforms to the left, they can find a Puzzle Piece found in the hidden area of the canopy.
King of Cling 3 Farther ahead of the second Puzzle Piece, there is a platform floating above a small area of spikes. The third Puzzle Piece is hidden in the canopy to the right of the platform.
King of Cling 4 In the area with the Letter O, if the apes climb on the grassy turf above, they can head to the top of the large platform to find a barrel. This barrel leads to a Bonus Level, where the primates must collect every banana in the area by using a bouncy platform. If all the items are collected, the Puzzle Piece appears.
King of Cling 5 As the Kongs cling on the ceiling after the checkpoint using the grassy turf, they can find a small plant in the center of the ceiling. While avoiding the giant Chomp below, Donkey Kong can break open the plant to reveal a hidden Puzzle Piece.
King of Cling 6 As the apes climb up a grassy passageway, they can reach a small platform holding a dandelion. Near here is a ledge with a plant that contains an item. If they continue to the right at this point, they can enter a hidden alcove with the sixth Puzzle Piece.
King of Cling 7 Near the end of the level, the Kongs head to a bouncy, red flower that can help them reach a wheel. If they walk into the wall to the right of the flower, they can find a hidden alcove with the final Puzzle Piece.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パクパクパニック
Pakupaku Panikku
From「パクパク」(pakupaku is onomatopoeic for munching or flapping ones mouth) + English word "panic"
Chinese 咬咬恐慌
Yǎoyǎo Kǒnghuāng
Bite-y Panic
French (NOA) Roi des Parois King of the Walls
French (NOE) Roi de s'accrocher King of Cling
German Kletterkönig King of Climbing
Italian Reame arrampicato Climbed Kingdom
Spanish Rey del Agarre King of Cling