Feather Fiend

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Feather Fiend
Colonel Pluck
Level code 7-B
World Factory
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Boss Colonel Pluck in the Stompybot 3000
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Feather Fiend is the boss level of the Factory world in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. In this level, the Kongs must defeat Colonel Pluck, who pilots his Stompybot 3000, after being hypnotized by Cordian.


The level begins with a short metal platform sticking off of a wall. A DK Barrel is at the end, where there is also a pit. The Kongs must jump upwards and cling to some green-colored chains, to climb up a sloped ceiling. After jumping to the next platform, a cutscene will trigger. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are walking through the Factory, and find themselves overlooking a large room filled with conveyor belts and a big vat of mashed bananas. They see that the mashed bananas are being forced through a pipe into empty wooden tiki heads. These heads come to life in the form of Tiki Tanks after being filled with the pureed bananas. Then they look above that to see Colonel Pluck using his Stompybot 3000's feet to crush the bananas. Upon seeing the Kongs, Colonel Pluck shakes off the effects of the hypnosis, but Cordian comes in and re-hypnotizes him. Then he starts working again, and the Kongs jump down onto the conveyor belt, knocking the tikis off of it, and engage Colonel Pluck.


The battle starts with Colonel Pluck slowly walking towards the player, trying to crush them with the robot's feet. The Kongs must carefully walk under him to safely get to the other side. Occasionally, the chicken will speed up for a spell, (indicated by the glass over the robot's cockpit turning red, while it is otherwise blue). After a short time of moving back and forth, Colonel Pluck will launch into the air, and attempt to hover over Donkey Kong and crush him. The player can avoid its attacks by watching to see if the robot's feet come together before landing. When it's feet are apart, the Kongs must carefully move under him and duck, so the spikes on the bottom of the cockpit will not hurt them. The robot will then expose a small patch of green chains. The player must then cling onto them, and shake the controllers to damage the robot. Repeating this two more times will destroy the robot.

After the robot is supposedly destroyed, Colonel Pluck will detach his cockpit from the robot's other parts and begin flying around in the air. He will quickly fly over in one direction, and while he turns around and flies back across the room, the patch of spikes reveal a trap door, and he drops BuckBots onto the arena. Afterwards, he will slow down, and try to land on the Kongs. The player must dodge this, and then jump on Colonel Pluck's head. Repeating this two more times ends the fight. Afterwards, Donkey Kong jumps up and deals a final punch on top of Colonel Pluck's head, (just as Diddy Kong backflips off of his back), and in a attempt to fly, he falls to the ground, and his cockpit falls onto him and crushes him. The player must then deal as many punches as they can to defeat Cordian.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロボマスター ドクターチキン
Robomasutā Dokutāchikin
"Robo Master" Dr. Chicken
French Volaille en Ferraille Poultry in Iron
German Gefiederter Feind Feathered Foe
Italian Fonderia Robopiuma Robopiuma Foundry
Spanish Peligro con Plumas Danger with Feathers