Blurry Flurry

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Blurry Flurry
Blurry Flurry
Level code 6-4
World Donkey Kong Island
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music track Mine Menace
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Blurry Flurry is the fourth level of Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port, and requires the use of a Rocket Barrel. This level is reminiscent of the Cave levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns, except that the cave-themed surroundings are covered in ice due to the invasion of the Snowmads on the island. Specifically, Blurry Flurry closely references Mole Patrol, a level in Donkey Kong Country Returns that is also traversed through the use of a Rocket Barrel. The Big Squeekly from Crowded Cavern appears in this level, but it is trapped in a block of ice.

Donkey Kong travels through most of this level on a Rocket Barrel, which must be carefully controlled through narrow passages, falling ice structures, and snowballs that are shot from cannons. Even if he has one of his Kong partners with him, the Rocket Barrel can only manage two hits before it explodes. At the end of the level, Donkey Kong exits the Rocket Barrel and is shot into a giant snowball. The player can make the snowball jump over gaps as Donkey Kong rolls down the slope in it.

The music that plays in this level is an orchestral cover of "Mine Menace," which plays in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

In Time Attack mode, a time of 2:30.00 is required to get a gold medal, a time of 2:31.00 for silver, and a time of 2:33.00 for bronze.


Before reaching the Rocket Barrel, Donkey Kong must cross through the area on foot. Here, a Walnut stands on a raised structure and shoots snowballs from a cannon. The Rocket Barrel soon follows the nearby DK Barrel, which can release Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, or Cranky Kong. The beginning of the Rocket Barrel section consists of groups of bananas and a few large ice structures that they must dodge. Different items, such as a Puzzle Piece, appear if all of the bananas in a group are collected. After the Kongs pass the letter K, pieces of the ceiling and large icicles begin to break and fall in their path. Ice and snow fall from behind as well, but they are unable to harm the Kongs. Once the Kongs traverse a narrow passage of ice, they enter an open area, where the first checkpoint is found.

Blurry Flurry
The fortress at the end of the level is destroyed by the snowball.

The Big Squeekly from the Crowded Cavern level of Donkey Kong Country Returns is located in a block of ice ahead of here, and its eyes follow the Kongs as they fly by. Several orange cannons are ahead of here that shoot large snowballs in various directions. The letter O follows a group of three cannons that shoot snowballs upwards. Donkey Kong must maneuver through the snowballs as they both rise and fall in his path. Afterwards, Donkey Kong and the other Kongs pass through a narrow passage of wooden planks that deal damage if touched. In the large area ahead of here, a sequence of three giant snowballs crash into the snow and launch smaller snowballs that the Kongs must dodge. This area is followed by a narrower section, where the Kongs must fly through the crumbling ice walls above and below them. The letter N is located within this section. The Kongs soon enter a large room, where two massive snowballs fall in the background. When they impact the ground, snowballs shoot upwards in the foreground. Donkey Kong must again maneuver through the snowballs as they launch upwards and fall. Another narrow passage is ahead, and it contains several groups of bananas and the letter G. Alongside the debris that constantly falls behind the Kongs, the walls also close in on them as they progress, requiring them to remain in the center of the passage. The checkpoint is located at the end of this area, and as the Kongs pass it, the Rocket Barrel begins to break down. It drops them into a Barrel Cannon, which then shoots them into a giant snowball nearby.

The snowball is positioned at the top of a massive, stone slope. The impact from Donkey Kong and the gang begins to push the snowball, with them in it, down the slope. Here, the player is able to make the snowball jump as it crumbles through wooden bridges, ice structures, and cannons. The snowball rolls over a bridge along the way with several Walnut enemies on it, but they have no effect on the snowball. Eventually, the snowball crashes into a giant fortress, destroying the fortress entirely. The snowball is also destroyed, leaving the Kongs behind on solid ground. The Slot Machine Barrel is located just ahead.


KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: The letter K is located at the beginning of the Rocket Barrel section and toward the bottom of the area.
  • O: The letter O can be found immediately following an area with snowball-shooting cannons.
  • N: The letter N is located toward the top wall immediately before the section containing large snowballs that crash into the background.
  • G: Immediately before the end of the Rocket Barrel section, the letter G is located along a path of bananas.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Blurry Flurry
The Kongs must collect all of the items in this area to make a Puzzle Piece appear ahead.
  1. The first Puzzle Piece can be found by pulling a handle from the ground at the beginning of the level.
  2. Once Donkey Kong reaches the first DK Barrel, he can use it to destroy a wall behind the level's entrance. The opening leads to a Bonus Level, where he must collect several bananas and Banana Bunches within the time limit of thirty seconds to make a Puzzle Piece appear.
  3. At the beginning of the Rocket Barrel section, the Kongs pass two groups of bananas that move in circular paths. A Puzzle Piece appears ahead if all of the bananas are collected.
  4. Soon after passing the letter K, the Kongs must collect all of the bananas in a line to make the fourth Puzzle Piece appear.
  5. Immediately before reaching the letter N, the Kongs must collect all of the bananas in a line to make the fifth Puzzle Piece appear.
  6. After passing the area with the letter N, the Kongs enter a room where they must dodge snowballs that shoot upwards from the impact of larger snowballs in the background. They must collect all of the items in this room to make a Puzzle Piece appear ahead.
  7. The Kongs can find a hidden area beyond the Slot Machine Barrel, where they must pound through a wooden board to enter a Bonus Level. Here, they must use three spring platforms to collect all of the bananas and Banana Bunches. If this is done within 30 seconds, a Puzzle Piece appears.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze content/Worlds/w06_frozen/l04_frozen_caveRocketBarrel.pak l04_frozen_caveRocketBarrel.pak Frozen Level 4: Rocket Barrel

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雪玉のどうくつ
Yukidama no Dōkutsu
Cave of Snowballs

French Caverne croulante
Crumbling Cave
German Glaziale Fasszeit
Glacial Barrel Time
Italian Grotta Granita
Granite Cave
Spanish Destrucción a reacción
Reaction Destruction