Punch Piranha

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Bashmaster watches a group of piranha-like creatures bustling in the punch pond.
Bashmaster watches as a group of Punch Piranhas devour his popsicle

Punch Piranhas are a species of shoaling predator fish found in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port. They mainly appear in Punch Bowl, the boss stage of Juicy Jungle, and are first seen in the cutscene before the boss fight, voraciously consuming Bashmaster's popsicle as it falls in the punch-filled pool. During the fight itself, Punch Piranhas swarm the Kongs if they fall in the pool, tossing them back while damaging them.

While not encountered there during gameplay, Punch Piranhas are implied by two unlockable dioramas to also exist in Sea Breeze Cove and Donkey Kong Island. In the Sea Breeze Cove dioramaMedia:SeaBreezeCoveDiorama.jpg, Diddy Kong catches a Punch Piranha using a fishing rod. At the bottom of the Donkey Kong Island dioramaMedia:DKIslandDiorama.jpg, a school of Punch Piranhas can be seen frozen in ice, along with Mugly.