Zip-Line Vine

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Donkey and Dixie Kong riding a Zip-Line Vine

Zip-Line Vines[1] are objects encountered in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They imitate zip-lines, in that they are inclined and tensioned, stretching on long distances. They are first seen in Zip-Line Shrine, but are also common in Wing Ding.

The Kongs can grip and quickly slide along a Zip-Line Vine, taking trips over wide chasms and swarms of enemies. The characters can leave the vine at any time by jumping or simply dropping from it. Players can make the Kongs spin around the vine using the same button as the one for ground pounding, producing a similar effect. The move can be performed around rows of bells, making them ring and triggering a certain occurence, like the appearance of another Zip-Line Vine or the destruction of some obstacles.[2]


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