Frozen Frenzy (level)

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Frozen Frenzy
Frozen Frenzy from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Level code 6-7
World Donkey Kong Island
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music track Frozen Frenzy
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Frozen Frenzy is the seventh level of Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port. This level is closely related to the Factory levels of Donkey Kong Country Returns, but here it is covered in ice and parts of the factory in the background are destroyed due to the invasion of the Snowmads. This factory-themed level features many electric-based obstacles, such as electrical beams created by Electroids that deal damage if touched. Electroids form many other major obstacles in Frozen Frenzy. For example, the level contains moving platforms that travel over Electroids; circuits form when the platforms connect to the Electroids, therefore charging the platforms. The Electroids also shoot currents at vines that the Kongs must climb, which sends a damaging current throughout the entire vine. The level is almost entirely covered in ice, which makes traction difficult, and some ice platforms also break moments after Donkey Kong lands on them. Besides the Electroids, enemies in this level include Pointy Tucks, Painguin Tucks, a Papa Painguin, Waldoughs, Walnuts, Hootzes, and a Fish Poker Pops.

The music track for this level is a much slower arrangement of "Fear Factory" from Donkey Kong Country.

In Time Attack mode, a time of 1:50.00 is required to get a gold medal, a time of 2:18.00 for silver, and a time of 2:48.00 for bronze.


The level starts out where frozen pipes and steel platforms are; it is the same starting area from the level Lift-off Launch from Donkey Kong Country Returns. First, the player must re-activate the factory's system by pounding the golden platform three times, which will open the way to the next area. The player must avoid different Snowmad enemies, as well as Electroids and their emission all the way in the level. If a plug touches an Electroid, a platform or a vine with a plug under gets electrified. Near the end, an eyeball-like robot from the level Handy Hazards from Donkey Kong Country Returns that has stopped working can be seen in the background.



KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: This letter is found above the first DK Barrel. The Kongs have to stomp a Hootz to reach this letter.
  • O: After the imbalanced platform with three pairs of Electroids, the Kong should see this letter on the crumbling platform.
  • N: This letter is located just after the second checkpoint. The Kongs must stomp over a Waldough and a Hootz to collect it. Dixie Kong's Helicopter Spin can also be used.
  • G: This letter is found over the crumbling platform after the complex of zaps near the goal.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

  • 1: Directly next to the golden platform. Players must escape upwards because the platform under the Puzzle Piece crumbles.
  • 2: There is a thin platform and two pairs of floating Electroids after some moving platforms. Players gain access to the secret room after pounding it.
  • 3: Just after the checkpoint, moving platforms are seen again and there are six bananas in a row. Players must grab all of them to gain a Puzzle Piece while avoiding Electroids.
  • 4: After the third Puzzle Piece and imbalanced platform, a barrel is seen under the screen. It brings players to the bonus room.
  • 5: There are two balancing vines with Electroids just before the second checkpoint. It is located upwards of these vines, so players should grab the further vine, climb, and go to the other one as quickly as possible, then grab a wall on a left side and climb it. The player can go across these two vines from right to the upper left starting from the fixed platform with the second checkpoint.

Secret exit[edit]

After the letter N, there are two balancing vines with Electroids underneath them. The player must climb on top of the platform holding the vines, then use Cranky Kong's Cane Bounce to bound over the spiky platforms to the other side. Entering the portal there allows the Kongs to access Dynamite Dash.


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze content/Worlds/w06_frozen/l07_frozen_factory.pak l07_frozen_factory.pak Frozen Level 7: Factory

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイススパークファクトリー
Aisu Supāku Fakutorī
Ice Spark Factory

French Centrale glaciale
Icy Power Station
German Kühlkammer
Cooling Chamber
Italian Stabilimento Sottozero
Sub-zero Establishment
Spanish Energía hieléctrica
"Icelectric" Energy, in that hieléctrica is a pun on hielo for ice and eléctrica for electric.