Volcano Dome

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Not to be confused with Lava Dome.
Volcano Dome
Volcano Dome
Level code 6-BOSS
World Donkey Kong Island
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Boss Lord Fredrik
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Volcano Dome is the boss level of Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port. It takes place in an arena where the Kongs fight Lord Fredrik.


The Kongs start out in an icy cavern, which leads directly to Lord Frederik's chambers. After a while, they will reach Fredrik's royal chambers, where they see Fredrik himself receiving a royal welcome by his followers. The Kongs angrily jump down and pound the ground, causing it to shift beneath Fredrik's feet. Laughing it off, Fredrik pounds the ground himself to cause it to give way, sending himself and the Kongs to a basalt field in a pool of lava, initiating the final showdown.

Fredrik starts the first phase by growing slightly larger as he summons his horn. He then shoots a row of icy spheres to rain down on the Kongs, some of which release Tuff Tucks, Tuff Fluffs and Tenacious Tucks as they break on impact. The Kongs must grab one of those enemies; upon noticing this, Fredrik will move around in an attempt to dodge the Kongs' attack. He may occasionally stop to scratch his head, giving the Kongs an opportunity to hit him with the enemy and shrink him back to normal size. Fredrik will then jump onto the arena, and begin rearing his head to initiate multiple forward charges across the arena, giving the Kongs an opportunity to hit him. After a short while, and regardless of whether or not the Kongs were able to land three hits on him, Fredrik will then bounce around the arena, temporarily submerging its basalt platforms into the lava, before jumping back into the background.

After taking three hits, Fredrik will slightly change his tactics. Before shooting the usual row of falling ice balls, he will first use his horn to summon some ice dragons that crash onto the arena; if the Kongs avoid them, they will freeze over the platforms, reducing their traction. Fredrik's attacks otherwise remain unchanged.

After taking six hits, Fredrik will begin changing more of his tactics. Besides summoning more ice dragons to crash into the arena, his bounce attack is scrapped entirely in favor of a new attack, where Fredrik does a spinning slam on one of the edge platforms to cause the other five to rise from lava geysers before falling in a specific pattern and temporarily being submerged in lava. Partway during his forward charge attacks, Fredrik will also summon forward-moving ice dragons that charge at the Kongs; they must jump over the ice dragons with downwards wings and crouch under the ice dragons with upwards wings. His other attacks remain unchanged.

After taking nine hits, Fredrik is defeated, allowing Donkey Kong to punch him repeatedly to send him flying.


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze content/Worlds/w06_frozen/b00_frozen_warusKing.pak b00_frozen_warusKing.pak Frozen Boss: Waldough King

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese けっせん!ロード・フレドリック
Kessen! Rōdo Furedorikku
Showdown! Lord Fredrik
French Le fantoche fulminant The Thundering Puppet
German Frostfeuriges Finale Frost Fiery Finale
Italian Volta Vulcano Volcano Vault
Spanish Soberano soberbio Arrogant Sovereign