Trench Tucks

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Trench Tucks
Trench Tuck.jpg
First appearance Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U) (2014)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Switch) (2018)
Parent species Pointy Tucks

Trench Tucks are shielded Snowmad enemies in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. As members of the Tucks platoon in the Snowmad army, they physically resemble penguins. As stated before, they are characterized by their rigid shields, which they wield as instruments of defense against the Kongs, hence their "trench" attribute.


Trench tuck.png

Trench Tucks are largely similar to Pointy Tucks, in that they wear large, sharply horned-helmets, as well as leather laces around their necks, with each hanging a Snowmad insignia that lodges on the penguins' chests. However, unlike Pointy Tuckse Trench Tucks possess circular wooden shields, which they use as means of protection against the Kongs.

Behavior and combat[edit]

Trench Tucks defend their frontal sides with rigid wooden shields. With these, the enemies can reject every roll attack coming from the Kongs, pushing the primates behind a bit. The powerful impact into the shield also sends the enemy back a few spaces; however, it can never be driven off the edge of a platform. Like Pointy Tucks, Trench Tucks are dangerous to step on, as they sport spiky long horns embedded in their helmets and pointing upwards. As such, jumping on a Pointy Tucks causes the heroes to lose a heart from their health meter.

The Kongs alone can only attack a Trench Tucks from behind, with a roll. Another way to defeat a Trench Tucks is by pounding the ground near it, action that makes it dizzy; the enemy subsequently drops its shield and leaves its front side open for a roll attack. However, the foe stays confused only temporarily, before rising up and picking up its shield. Alternatively, a Trench Tucks can be defeated by throwing a projectile at it, or by ramming into it with Rambi the Rhino, who can surpass its shield. Cranky Kong's Cane Bounces are also effective against Trench Tuckses. If shot by a popgun, a Trench Tuck gets stunned for a split second while reinforcing itself with the shield.

Trench Tucks are most commonly found in levels that contain Rambi; that is, Frantic Fields and Meltdown Mayhem. One Trench Tucks can be found at the end of Rickety Rafters.

Trench Tuck before.jpg
A Trench Tucks preparing its shield for defense.
Trench Tuck after.jpg
The enemy barring a roll attack from the Kongs.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バクラペンガー
Bakura Pengā
Bakura Pengar, with "Bakura" being possibly a corruption of 「バックラー」 bakkurā, "buckler"