List of Mario Party: The Top 100 minigame packs

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This is a list of all minigame packs from Mario Party: The Top 100. There are a total of 19 packs in this game, not counting the random and the three user-created favorite packs. Each pack comes with five minigames. None of the packs come with duel minigames or special minigames.

Nintendo 64 Pack[edit]

GameCube Pack[edit]

Wii & Wii U Pack[edit]

Action Pack[edit]

Skill Pack[edit]

Racing Pack[edit]

Sports Pack[edit]

Brainy Pack[edit]

Lucky Pack[edit]

Masher Pack[edit]

Reflex Pack[edit]

Chow Down Pack[edit]

Beach Fun Pack[edit]

Woodland Pack[edit]

Frosty Pack[edit]

1-on-3 Pack[edit]

2-on-2 Pack[edit]

Goomba Pack[edit]

Koopa Troopa Pack[edit]