World 5-3 (New Super Mario Bros. 2)

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World 5-3
World 5-3
World World 5
Game New Super Mario Bros. 2
Time limit 500 seconds
Coin Rush limit 100 seconds
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World 5-3 is the third level in World 5 of New Super Mario Bros. 2.


This place includes lots of slopes, and Mario can use Koopa Shells and Gold Rings to take advantage of the level's rather peculiar architecture. The level ends once the player reaches the Goal Pole.


Players find a Pipe Cannon at the beginning, but there are spikes surrounding the ground, so players must use the pipe. A ? Block is found after the Pipe Cannon is used, where it contains a Fire Flower. A Gold Ring is found, alongside a red Koopa Troopa on the slope. Where the slope ends, players find another Gold Ring and another slope, but this one has Goombas as well as a red Koopa Troopa. The end of the slope has another Goomba. There are three unconnected slopes, and the second slope has two Goombas. When players fall from the last slope, a Checkpoint Flag is found. Now there are three Pipe Cannons. The Pipe Cannon sends players to slanted ground, where there is an inaccessbile Star Coin. The middle pipe sends players straight up, where they will see a single ? Block, with some hidden ones. The above block contains a Mini Mushroom that is used for obtaining the second Star Coin, with some small Goombas. If players land on ground, another Pipe Cannon that shoots players over the spikes can be accessed. A Pipe Cannon below sends players through an orange platform. Another Pipe Cannon to the left of it sends players through a Red Ring. Taking the left or right Pipe Cannons at the Checkpoint Flag sends players to these pipes. There are some bricks and a ? Block that a red Koopa Troopa is walking around on and a Gold Ring with a slope nearby. After players slide down the slop, another slope with some Goombas awaits, which leads players to the third and final slope, which contain Koopa Paratroopas and five pipes. The first cannot be entered, the middle takes players backwards, the far left takes players to ground, where players can climb stone steps to find the Goal Pole. The middle left shoots players to the top of the Goal Pole.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: At the Checkpoint Flag, the player should notice three Warp Pipes. The player should enter the Warp Pipe on the right to be launched into the Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: At the Checkpoint Flag, the player should notice three Warp Pipes. The player should enter the Warp Pipe in the middle to be launched up to a secret area. The player should stand on the ? Block and jump up to reveal a hidden ? block containing a Mini Mushroom. The player should use the Mini Mushroom to jump across the Mini Pipes to reach a Pipe Cannon. The player should then enter the Pipe Cannon to be launched to the Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3: Before the end of the level, the player has to jump across five Warp Pipes to reach the Goal Pole. If the player enters the middle Warp Pipe, they will be launched to the third Star Coin. Raccoon Mario can also fly up to get the coin.


Sprite Name Count
Red Koopa Troopa Red Koopa Troopa 4
Goomba Goomba 16
Mini Goomba Mini Goomba 1
Koopa Paratroopa Green Koopa Paratroopa 3
Spike Block 11 (rectangular)
Gold Goomba Gold Goomba if Gold Ring is collected
Screenshot of a Gold Mini Goomba in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Gold Mini Goomba if Gold Ring is collected
A Gold Koopa Gold Koopa if Gold Ring is collected
A Gold Koopa Paratroopa Gold Koopa Paratroopa if Gold Ring is collected

Level map[edit]

Level map