World Star-7 (New Super Mario Bros. 2)

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World StarWorld Star-7
World <span style="font-size:0;">Star</span>x18px|link=World Star-7 (New Super Mario Bros. 2)-7.
World World Star
Game New Super Mario Bros. 2
Time limit 500 seconds
Coin Rush limit 100 seconds
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World StarWorld Star-7 is the seventh level of World Star in New Super Mario Bros. 2.


Mario begins the level on a platform, with a Lava Bubble and a Fire Snake nearby. Two ? Blocks can then be found, and a power-up can be found in the first one. After the ? Blocks, more Lava Bubbles and Fire Snakes are encountered, along with some rocky Semisolid Platforms with coins on top. After some long Semisolid Platforms that are above the lava, Mario arrives at the Checkpoint Flag. A Fire Bar and two ? Blocks can be found above a platform. Mario then encounters Lava Bubbles that jump diagonally over platforms, along with fireballs that are fired from Bowser sculptures. After a few more platforms, a Red Ring is found. Going through the ring causes a Coin Coffer to appear, dropping Red Coins as it bounces. Mario then must cross some more platforms, where he encounters Donut Blocks and Fire Bars. Mario then encounters four Bowser sculptures on a wall, along with a platform with a Fire Snake on it. Mario then arrives at the Goal Pole.

Moon Coins[edit]

  • Moon Coin 1: This Moon Coin is above a single Donut Block near a Lava Bubble.
  • Moon Coin 2: For this Moon Coin, the player has to go past the Checkpoint Flag and jump between two ? Blocks to find a hidden block with a Beanstalk. The Moon Coin is located in the secret area which can be reached with it.
  • Moon Coin 3: This Moon Coin is located on a Donut Block between two rocks. It is guarded by diagonal jumping Lava Bubbles.


Sprite Name Count
Lava Bubble Lava Bubble 6
A Fire Snake in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Fire Snake 6
Fire Bar 3
Fireball 3
Fire Breath 14
Bowser Statue Bowser Sculpture 4
Coin Coffer Coin Coffer 1

Level map[edit]

Level map