Second Course (Gold Mushroom Pack)

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Second Course
World Gold Mushroom Pack
Game New Super Mario Bros. 2
Coin Rush limit 100 seconds
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Second Course is the second level of the Gold Mushroom Pack in New Super Mario Bros. 2, as well as the eleventh DLC level in the game.


The level begins with a Gold Ring and several Mini Goombas that can be bounced off of. The Checkpoint Flag then immediately appears after a Paragoomba, as well as an entrance to an alcove containing several Golden Mushrooms and some Goombas and Paragoombas. Above ground, the level continues with a large assortment of Brick Blocks that can be cleared out with Gold Mario, one of which contains a Super Star. A Brick Block staircase then follows with a few more Goombas and Paragoombas leading directly to the Goal Pole.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The Star Coin is at the left end of the underground half of the stage. It can be reached with a wall jump.
  • Star Coin 2: The Star Coin is on the platform directly underneath the Checkpoint Flag. It can be reached by using the first tilting platform in the underground area.
  • Star Coin 3: After the Checkpoint Flag, the third Star Coin is after the Gold Ring, on the opposite end of the first tier of Brick Blocks.