First Course (Gold Rush Pack)

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First Course
Go! Go! Gold Mario Pack; Course 1
World Gold Rush Pack
Game New Super Mario Bros. 2
Time limit N/A
Coin Rush limit 50 seconds
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First Course is the first level of the Gold Rush Pack in New Super Mario Bros. 2, as well as the first DLC level in the game.


The level begins with Mario Ground Pounding through some coins and a Gold Block, then touching a Gold Ring just before defeating a Goomba Tower. Mario will then reach a ? Block with a Gold Flower, as well as a few more Goomba Towers. After crossing a pit, a Koopa Troopa then appears alongside three Goomba Towers along with another Gold Ring. Yet another Koopa Troopa appears along with a Goomba Tower in a low area and another Gold Ring. After another Goomba Tower and Gold Ring, Mario reaches the Checkpoint Flag. Mario will then encounter two more Goomba Towers alongside another Gold Ring and a Koopa Paratroopa, followed by still another Gold Ring and a large Goomba Tower that will fall into a gap. After one last Gold Ring and some Goomba Towers of increasing size, Mario reaches the Goal Pole.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: Suspended in mid-air, right before a Gold Ring, Mario must use the Goomba Tower to reach it.
  • Star Coin 2: Halfway through the level, under a platform in between two Goomba Towers near the Koopa Paratroopa.
  • Star Coin 3: Near the end of the level, within a small gap near a + Clock.


Sprite Name Count
Goomba Goomba 1 (including 69 from stacks)
Goomba Tower NSMB2.png Goomba Tower 18
(6 stacks of 2,
2 stacks of 3,
4 stacks of 4,
3 stacks of 5
2 stacks of 6
1 stack of 8)
KoopaTroopaNSMB2.png Green Koopa Troopa 1
Red Koopa Troopa Red Koopa Troopa 1
Koopa Paratroopa Green Koopa Paratroopa 1
Gold Goomba Gold Goomba if Gold Ring is collected
A Gold Goomba Tower Gold Goomba Tower if Gold Ring is collected
A Gold Koopa Gold Koopa if Gold Ring is collected
A Gold Koopa Paratroopa Gold Koopa Paratroopa if Gold Ring is collected