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Reverse Minigame Bowser event.
Three of the four Reverse Minigames in Mario Party 9

A Reverse Minigame is a Bowser event introduced in Mario Party 9. It is one of many events that may appear on the Bowser Spin Wheel when a player lands on a Bowser Space. If the Bowser Spin Wheel stops on "Reverse Minigame!" Bowser forces all players to participate in a Free-for-All minigame, where the goal, unlike in regular minigames, is to lose. Bowser awards ten Mini Stars to the player who finishes in last place (20 bananas for DK's Jungle Ruins), making them the opposite of the Fire Bro's Battle Minigames, which relieve the last-place player of ten Mini Stars. If everyone finishes in last place, no one gets any Mini Stars.

Relatively few Free-for-All minigames are also Reverse Minigames. The four that do have a Reverse version in Mario Party 9 seem to have a Bowser-like aesthetic, involving backgrounds and obstacles commonly associated with Bowser in other games.

The list of Reverse Minigames includes:

Reverse Minigames return in Mario Party 10, and this time, the player who finishes in last receives 20 Mini Stars instead of ten. The Reverse Minigames in this list are as follows:

  • Fuzzy Fliers – The player who gets eliminated first wins. The minigame still continues even after one player is eliminated.
  • Fruit Cahoots – The player who has the fewest points after seven rounds wins.
  • Bob-omb Combo – The player who detonates the fewest Bob-ombs wins.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まけるがかちミニゲーム
Makeru ga Kachi Minigēmu
Lose to Win Minigame
Chinese 敗者為勝小遊戲
Bàizhě wéi shèng Xiǎoyóuxì
"The Loser Wins" Minigame
Dutch Op-z'n-kop-minigame Upside down Minigame
French Mini-jeu inversé Reversed Minigame
German Verkehrte Welt Upside down World
Italian !ocoiginiM !emaginiM, reversed lettering for "Minigioco!", in English "Minigame!"
Spanish (NOA) Minijuego inverso Reverse minigame
Spanish (NOE) Minijuego al revés Backwards Minigame